Discover Boston While at CAS

As a student at CAS and BU, you are also a resident of one of America's most historic, vibrant cities.

Whether you grew up in a bustling metropolis or this is your first time living in a big city, we want to make sure you experience all the fun, culture, and history Boston has to offer.

Explore the City’s Vibrant Neighborhoods

BU Today has a large collection of neighborhood roundups to help you figure out where to start, whether it’s in the nearby neighborhood of Allston or a trip on the Red Line to Dorchester. All options are available via public transportation and offer a different slice of life in Beantown.Someone rowing on the Charles

A Cultural Guide to the City

BU Diversity & Inclusion also offers a neighborhood guide, full of history and landmarks to check out. Over the past few years, the office has been collecting information from the BU Community for their “A Curated, Crowdsourced, Cultural Guide to Boston.” It’s a guide to help everyone on campus find a safe, recommended place for them to do everything from get a hair appointment to have a fun night out to find a youth group to mentor or join. You can also suggest items for the guide. For further information, check out BU D&I’s Living in Boston page.

Find Something to Do

Sometimes the choices are endless. If you need a starting point, let BU Today’s daily To Do Today article be your guide.

(Banner Photo Credit: Cameron Venti on Unsplash)