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Congratulations to Haydee Torres – CAS Outstanding Service Award for Staff

May 21st, 2023in News

Haydee Torres, Administrative Secretary, Clinical Psychology Program

Our nominator states that Haydee is “the glue that holds everything together. “She is always the first to arrive on site each day, greeting faculty, students, staff and patients with a warm smile and positive attitude. As second year graduate students begin to see their first clinical cases, Haydee demonstrates patience and warmth, naturally taking on the role of educator by teaching our young clinicians how to use the communications, electronic medical records, and billing systems required by our clinic. When a clinician calls in sick, Haydee leaps into action, calling patients and rescheduling lessons. Passing by our reception area, it is not uncommon to find Haydee engaged in conversations with a nervous prospective patient. [And with Spanish as] her first language, many of our bilingual and/or Spanish speaking patients feel even more comfortable and confident. [Haydee] inspires us all to adopt her model of treating everyone with great respect, valuing all as an equally important member of our team.”

CAS Outstanding Service Award for Staff

Process Based Therapy case article received the Psyche Award for Most Valuable Paper – Journal of Contemporary Psychotherapy

February 22nd, 2023in News

“Process-based therapy is a model of psychological assessment and treatment designed to target processes of change most relevant to a client’s problems and well-being, in their specific context, using evidence-based strategies, regardless of theoretical provenance. This case study describes such a process-based approach wherein the therapist develops a treatment plan using empirically driven networks and selects treatment kernels based on target processes of change. It is one of the first published demonstrations of how to use process-based therapy with a client, explaining each step in treatment."

Congratulations to: Clarissa Ong, Ph.D., Stefan Hofmann, Ph.D. and Steven C. Hayes, Ph.D.

Dr. Donna Pincus Presents on Building Bravery and Beyond: Evidence-Based Strategies for Anxiety

November 30th, 2022

2022 Gitner Family Lecture

Building Bravery at BU and Beyond:  Evidence-Based Strategies for Overcoming Anxiety 

Lecturer: Donna Pincus, CAS Feld Family Professor of Teaching Excellence; Director, Child and Adolescent Fear and Anxiety Treatment Program, Boston University Department of Psychological & Brain Sciences

"Although anxiety is a natural human emotion that can be protective, high levels of anxiety can interfere with functioning and enjoyment of life. With rates of anxiety problems increasing globally, and with clinical services in high demand, it is critical that evidence-based tools for reducing anxiety are more easily accessible. Dr. Pincus will describe the nature of anxiety and will discuss evidence-based treatment approaches for managing anxiety that can help people across the lifespan. She will describe ongoing research aimed at building community partnerships and testing novel treatment formats to increase families’ access to effective care. Equipping our community with evidence-based, anxiety reducing strategies can help decrease stress and improve overall well-being."

Date & time: November 30, 2022, 6 p.m., Tsai Performance Center