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Dr. Donna Pincus Co-Directs New Groundbreaking Research on Child Anxiety Disorders

September 25th, 2018 in News.

BU Spearheads Largest-Ever Study of Child Anxiety

Dr. Donna Pincus Interviewed by New York Times on Intensive Treatment Options

August 14th, 2018 in News.

CA offers intensive treatment for eligible adults and children experiencing panic disorder and/or specific phobias.

Dr. Anthony Rosellini on Identifying Those at Risk for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

April 12th, 2018 in News.

Dr. Stefan Hofmann on CBT vs. Talk Therapy

January 24th, 2018 in News.

WBUR - NPR's program - ON POINT

CARD Welcomes Dr. John Otis, Director of Behavioral Medicine Program

July 10th, 2017 in News.

Dr. John Otis is currently developing a Behavioral Medicine Program as part of the Center for Anxiety and Related Disorders that will give students the opportunity to develop clinical skills for working with patients with a variety of presenting problems including chronic pain, stress conditions, sleep, smoking, and substance use. Students will be supervised by Dr. Otis.

Dr. Otis has helped countless numbers of individuals gain greater control over their chronic pain. He travels nationally giving talks and workshops to both clinicians and patients on how the principles of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) can be used to help people lead healthier and more productive lives. He is the author of Managing Chronic Pain (Oxford University Press: Treatments that Work Series) - an "evidence based" treatment program.  He will be seeing pain patients at the Center.  For more information, call (617) 353-9610.

Dr. David Langer in US News & World Report on Common Phobias

November 29th, 2016 in News.

Some may be surprised by these common phobias.

Dr. David Barlow in Wall Street Journal on Making CBT More Effective

November 29th, 2016 in News.

Dr. Barlow shares his expertise on research focusing on making cognitive behavior therapy more effective.  Also, cited in the article are two psychologists who formerly worked at our Center, Dr. Alicia Meuret and Dr. Michelle Craske.

NY Magazine – Dr. David Barlow on How Some Anxiety Can Be Helpful

September 21st, 2016 in News, Uncategorized.

Dr. David Barlow's interview with New York Magazine on some benefits of a little anxiety.

Stop Clowning Around! NPR Fear of Clowns Radio Interview with Dr. Rachel Merson

September 21st, 2016 in News, Uncategorized.

Dr. Rachel Merson addresses fear of clowns showing up in the woods in numerous states as well as phobias in general.

BU Hockey Legend Jack Parker Faces His Fear at CARD

August 25th, 2016 in News.

It's never too late to overcome your fears and make the most out of life!