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To request a phone screen for…

Adult treatment services:

Complete our adult intake form if you would like us to contact you for a phone screen regarding adult mental health diagnostic assessment, individual or group therapy, intensive programs, or treatment for chronic pain.

Child and adolescent treatment services:

Parents interested in treatment services for your child, please complete our child and adolescent treatment child and adolescent intake form. For neuropsychological testing, see below.

All-age neuropsychological testing services:

Complete our neuropsychological testing intake form if you are interested in neuropsychological testing for your child (age 13 and up) or if you are an adult seeking an evaluation for yourself.

Still Have Questions?

  • Call us at (617) 353-9610 for general information about the clinic and all of our services.
  • Email our child and adolescent services at
  • Email our adult services nurse coordinator, Bonnie Brown, at
  • Email our neuropsychological testing services coordinator at