Adult Prolonged Grief Group

Grief Group

Grief is a natural part of life. For many, grief is associated with intense emotional suffering, and for some, it can also lead to difficulty moving on with life or feeling like life is meaningless without the person who died. If you have lost a loved one at least 6 months ago and are struggling to cope, grief group might be for you. Grief group is an opportunity to gather with other people who have experienced loss and provides a safe, non-judgmental space to share emotions and struggles and learn new ways to live with your loss. During grief group, we will use an approach called the Unified Protocol. The Unified Protocol (UP) is a cognitive-behavioral therapy that has been very well-researched and shown to be effective for a range of emotional concerns. This group will help you learn skills to manage your emotions more effectively and hopefully start to feel better.

Benefits of grief group:

  • Support and feedback from two group co-leaders and other individuals who have experienced loss
  • Typically, lower costs relative to individual treatment

Group format and schedule
At CARD, grief groups typically include about 8 clients and are led by two doctoral student trainees supervised by a licensed psychologist at CARD. The group meets one evening per week for 90 minutes over the course 12 sessions (roughly 3 months).

Group fees are determined based on CARD’s group treatment sliding scale.

When is the next group starting?
New groups are formed every few months. If you are interested in the group, please contact CARD at (617) 353-9610 to determine initial eligibility and be placed on the waitlist for the next group.

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