• Title Research Associate Professor of Biology; Senior Lecturer; Director of Masters Studies
  • Education PhD, Tufts University
  • Web Address http://sites.bu.edu/rotjanlab/
  • Phone 617-353-5087
  • Area of Interest Marine ecology, conservation biology, behavioral ecology, organismal physiology, coral reefs
  • CV

Current Research

Research in the Rotjan lab focuses on marine ecology and global change. The main goal is to examine how marine species, communities, and ecosystems respond to the complex multitude of stressors emerging in the contemporary world ocean, and how they will respond to the future ocean change that we expect in the coming decades.

The lab focuses heavily on marine protected areas, coral physiology and organismal biology with tropical and temperate species, and on behavioral ecology of tropical marine invertebrates. The lab also has a growing interest in comparing remote versus urban and coastal ecosystems.

Selected Publications

  • Gauthier, A.E., R.D. Rotjan, and J.C. Kagan. 2022. Lipopolysaccharide detection by the innate immune system may be an uncommon defense strategy in nature. Open Biology DOI:10.1098/rsob.220146.
  • Amon, D.#, and R.D. Rotjan#, B.R.C. Kennedy, G. Alleng, R. Anta, K. Gjerde, J. Gobin, T. Edwards, M. Ford-Creary, LA Henderson, A. Hope, B. Phillips, R. Khan Ali, S. Lanser, K. Lewis, H. Lochan, S. MacLean, N. Mwemwenikarawa, D. Novy, B. Rimon, SA Sarjursingh, T. Teemari, A. Turchik, H. Valles, K. Waysang, K.L.C. Bell. 2022. My Deep Sea, My Backyard: A pilot study to build capacity for global deep-ocean exploration and research. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B DOI:10.1098/rstb.2021.0121.
    # = co-first authors
  • DiRoberts, L.E., A. Dudek, N.E. Ray, R.W. Fulweiler, and R.D. Rotjan. 2021. Testing assumptions of nitrogen cycling between a temperate, model coral host and its facultative symbiont: symbiotic contributions to dissolved inorganic nitrogen assimilation. Marine Ecology Progress Series 670: 61-74.
  • Kennedy BRC, Cantwell K, Malik M, Kelley C, Potter J, Elliot K, Lobecker M, Sowers D, White M, France S, Mah C, Auscavitch S, Rotjan RD (2019) The unknown and the unexplored: Quantifying what we now know, and still don’t know, about the Pacific deep-sea following the 3-year NOAA CAPSTONE Expeditions. Frontiers in Marine Science. DOI: 10.3389/fmars.2019.00480.
  • Hernandez C, Witting J, Willis C, Thorrold S, Llopiz J, Rotjan RD (2019) Evidence and patterns of tuna spawning inside a large no-take Marine Protected Area. Scientific Reports 9: 10772.
  • Burmester E, Breef-Pilz A, Lawrence N, Kaufman L, Finnerty J, Rotjan RD (2018) The impact of autotrophic versus heterotrophic nutritional pathways on colony health and wound recovery in corals. Ecology and Evolution 8 (22): 10805-10816.

Courses Taught:

  • BI 523: Marine Urban Ecology
  • BI 539: Coral Reef Dynamics: Shallow Waters, deep time
  • BI 260: Marine Biology
  • BI 303: Ecology

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