• Title Research Scientist and Segrè Lab Manager

I grew up in the suburbs of Youngstown, Ohio in a largely homogenous working-class environment. Moving to the Boston area for graduate school opened my eyes to the diversity of people and identities in the world and gave me a curiosity for learning about cultures outside my own background. However, this did not at first open my awareness to the struggles of historically excluded groups. It wasn’t until I spent a year as a visiting assistant professor at the College of Wooster and taught Introductory Chemistry that I became actively aware of the struggles of BIPOC and first generation college students. At that time I became involved in pedagogical efforts to remove barriers to success for matriculating undergrads from excluded groups, and it is a topic that I remain passionate about at the undergraduate and graduate levels. At Boston University, I have been a research associate and lab manager in the Segre Lab and an instructor in the Bioinformatics program and Biology department. I am excited to be a part of the BAC and to work toward creating a diverse, inclusive and equitable STEM community at Boston University.

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