• Title Associate Professor of Biology
  • Education PhD, University of Maryland
  • Phone 617-353-2476
  • Area of Interest Animal behavior, bird song, territoriality
  • CV

Current Research

Professor Wasserman is not currently accepting applicants for graduate study or postdoctoral appointments

My area of research is in Animal Behavior. I am primarily interested in understanding biological phenomena from an evolutionary perspective. I try to answer ecological questions about social systems and communication, and my approach is to study animals in the field under natural conditions. My most recent research has been studying Ovenbirds in suburban landscapes in Massachusetts.

Selected Publications

  • Morimoto DC, Frankel MA, Hersek M, Wasserman FE. (2012). Forest Fragmentation Effects on Ovenbird Populations in the Urban Region of Eastern Massachusetts, USA. Urban Habitats, March 2012, Volume 7.
  • Bauböck L, Miller-Rushing AJ, Primack RB,Lloyd Evans TL, Wasserman FE. (2012). Climate change does not affect protandry in seven North-American Passerines. The Wilson Journal of Ornithology 124(2) 208-216.
  • Hersek MJ, Frankel MA, Cigliano JA, Wasserman FE (2002). Brown-Headed Cowbird parasitism of Ovenbirds in suburban forest fragments. The Auk 119, 240-243.
  • Wasserman FE, Hersek MJ, Frankel MA, Cigliano JA, Morimoto DC, Moran J (1998). Evolutionary lag in Cowbird nestling recognition by Ovenbirds. Bird Observer 26, 229-235.

Courses Taught:

  • BI 107 Introductory Biology I
  • BI 302 Vertebrate Zoology
  • BI 303 Ecology
  • BI 407/607 Animal Behavior
  • BI 414/614 Ornithology

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