• Title Professor, University of Rhode Island

I received my PhD from the BU Biology Department in 1981 and studied under Dr. Tom Kunz and the other faculty in the ecology and behavior section. I took my first job as an Assistant Professor at the University of Rhode Island and have been at URI since. I am now a full professor in the Department of Natural Resources Science. My research and teaching is in geographic information systems (GIS) and landscape ecology. My students study a range of topics – whale distributions in the North Atlantic, loon habitat modeling, land use change and estuarine water quality, and conservation planning. The thread that weaves these projects together is they require clever GIS analysis at landscape scales and address practical issues in environmental conservation. My grad training in the BU EBE program left a strong watermark on all aspects of my career. Some of the big lessons that have served me well over the decades include: don’t hide your enthusiasm for your science, it is a strong motivator; basic and applied science complement each other; statistics is your best friend, not your worst enemy; and, finally, don’t be afraid to try something new, you learn a lot more in your failures than you do in your successes!

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