• Title Professor of Biology, Bioinformatics, and Biomedical Engineering
  • Education PhD, Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel
  • Web Address http://www.bu.edu/segrelab/
  • Phone 617-358-2301
  • Area of Interest systems biology, evolution of biochemical networks, genomics, metabolic engineering, microbial ecology
  • CV

Current Research

We develop theoretical approaches and computational models for the study of complex biological networks. We are especially interested in the dynamics and evolution of metabolism, whose complex web of small-molecule transformations underlies fundamental aspects of biological organization, from energy transduction to cell-cell communication. In addition to helping understand how biological systems function and evolve, we seek to apply our methods to the design and optimization of engineered networks for bioenergy and biomedicine applications.

Selected Publications

  • Michael Silverstein, Daniel Segrè, Jennifer M. Bhatnagar: Environmental microbiome engineering for the mitigation of climate change, Global Change Biology (2023), 00:1–17. https://doi.org/10.1111/gcb.16609. [GCB]

  • Elena J. Forchielli, Daniel J. Sher, Daniel Segrè: Metabolic phenotyping of marine heterotrophs on refactored media reveals diverse metabolic adaptations and lifestyle strategies, mSystems (2022) e00070-22 [mSystems]

  • Ilija Dukovski, Djordje Bajić, Jeremy M Chacón, Michael Quintin, Jean CC Vila, Snorre Sulheim, Alan R Pacheco, David B Bernstein, William J Rieh, Kirill S Korolev, Alvaro Sanchez, William R Harcombe, Daniel Segrè: A metabolic modeling platform for the computation of microbial ecosystems in time and space (COMETS), Nature Protocols (2021) https://doi.org/10.1038/s41596-021-00593-3. [Nature Protocols][Read PDF]

  • Alan R Pacheco, Melisa Osborne & Daniel Segrè: Non-additive microbial community responses to environmental complexity, Nature Communications (2021) 12, 2365. [Nature Comm] [The Brink news]

  • Joshua E. Goldford, Hyman Hartman, Robert Marsland III, Daniel Segrè: Environmental boundary conditions for the origin of life converge to an organo-sulfur metabolism, Nature Ecology & Evolution (2019), doi:10.1038/s41559-019-1018-8 [Nature Ecol. & Evol.][SharedIt]

  • David Bernstein, Floyd Dewhirst, Daniel Segrè: Metabolic network percolation quantifies biosynthetic capabilities across the human oral microbiome, eLife 2019;8:e39733 DOI: 10.7554/eLife.39733 [eLife]

  • Joshua E. Goldford, Hyman Hartman, Temple F. Smith, Daniel Segrè: Remnants of an Ancient Metabolism without Phosphate, Cell (2017) 168, 1126–1134 [Cell]

  • Jason Raymond and Daniel Segre’, The effect of oxygen on biochemical networks and the evolution of complex life, Science (2006), 311, 1764-1767. [Science]

Courses Taught:

  • BE 777 Computational Genomics
  • BF 821 Bioinformatics Seminar
  • BF 571 Dynamics and Evolution of Biological Networks

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