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There are 14 comments on As Taliban Retakes Afghanistan, Experts Say Biden Administration Made Strategic Blunders

  1. What a disgraceful President we now have. Such a setback for the Afghan people, especially women. Taliban murdered a woman for not wearing a burqa the same day they vow to protect women’s rights. Twenty years and trillions of tax dollars wasted with one bad decision.

      1. You know this is bigger than Trump and Biden right ? Theres been 4 administrations (Obama & Bush in addition to the two mentioned), two from each parties since the arrival in Afghanistan. Sadly people are more concerned about who’s fault this is when we are well aware that the this country likes to play in everyone’s backyard and when they are done they leave, not thinking once about the lives effected there. THAT should be the concern ! The innocent lives and how we can assist with relocating, advocating, assisting them during this transition to safety. Politics in this country will always be politics, but us as individuals can do better. We can unite for the good of other, but it seems there’s more satisfaction in the blame. I realize most people can comfortably sit back and debate to no ends with no actions when it will never be the reality for them, their loved ones, friends/family.

      2. Wake up Eva. Biden has caused this catastrophe. He has a disgraceful record on foreign policy, but this decision tops them all. He and his “leaders” don’t have a clue. Immigration, the economy, policy decisions, have caused one crisis after another. You apparently voted for this failure of a president. Congratulations, you own it.

        1. Sal, I’m trying to learn from these articles, as to why we were staying in a war that I Sam thinking should have ended after Ben Ladin was killed. So I’m curious if you have military insight ? Or some type of insight that would lead to the conclusion that one president is responsible for ending a twenty year war? I’m reading that we have wronged the Afghan soldiers who fought beside our military. However, I am also reading that we are losing focus & much more by putting more investment into a country that is extremely tribal in killing one another. I don’t have any answers here, but I’m curious if you do? It does seem our focus needs to be on China & not a war where as much as we want to be the humanitarians of the world, we are losing clout as a big, strong, robustly economical power, when we actually are lagging behind communist countries. At some point, do we not have to take care of our own in order to help other poverty stricken countries? What is your insight on that? Again, I’m trying to learn about our country’s need to extract our lives here vs foreign countries.? Thank You

      3. Yes, I’m. But the real question is : why didn’t President Biden start operation in January or february ? This botched retreat humiliated America and its fallen servicemen and this was not put in place by President Trump, right?

      4. Eva the withdrawal agreement that the Trump administration negotiated with the Taliban was null and void for multiple reasons, but the biggest being that the Taliban broke the agreement after Biden was elected by attacking all the major regions and troops. Biden violated the agreement by not withdrawing by May 1st.

        Lastly, Trump is not the President anymore and this is 100% on Biden. He made those choices, not Trump, not the withdrawal agreement that Biden already chose to ignore.

    1. We tried to do all of this and it didn’t work. It was high time to cut our losses and get the hell out of there. We didn’t belong there in the first place and the country reacted just like we would react had they invaded us. There is never a good way to get out of a very wrong situation. The damage had been done and our presence was only making it worse.

  2. President shouldn’t have leave he was given the responsibility for protecting the country .
    Other countries also should d something to help afghans treating woman likes this so disgusting!!!
    Hope people will help them

  3. The speed of Taliban advance and practically no resistance indicates that what USA and its allies were offering, was of no consequence and of no importance to the majority of the population there. As long as we continue to prioritize and listen to self- proclaimed experts from academia and TV propagandists we as a country will repeat the same mistakes. No, we should not take every Afghani who wants to flee the Taliban. It is their country, they are responsible for it, and only they can change it should they choose to do so.

    1. If you walk by a pool and see someone drowning and ignore them, you are guilty. If your only justification for inaction is to declare someone’s life not worth saving because “it’s their country” is disturbing and racist.
      If we have the resources to help save lives, why shouldn’t we? If someone is an Afghani citizen and wants safety why shouldn’t we provide that to them.
      The idea of citizenship is a social construct. If you believe morality is a universal concept, then you’ll see citizenship does not trump humanity. Those are humans, losing their lives and rights. Why should we let a construct be the reasons families and children die. Apathy is the greatest danger to human rights…

      1. The thing is, the US doesn’t have unlimited resources. We cannot take care of our own poor, yet we continue to allow refugees in who cannot assimilate. If the US really wants to help Afghani citizens, why not pay to help them settle in countries that have similar culture, religion and values to Afghanistan.

    2. “It’s their country, they are responsible for it, only they can change it..” I guess the same can be said about America and Americans. Yet, here we are still fighting racism, oppression, inequality, and discrimination like it’s no ones business.

      We as a country repeat the same mistakes because of greed. How many countries has the US invaded ? And at what cost and for what reason. It’s easy to point a finger and not take responsibility for our role in these circumstances. It’s sad. It’s almost as if we have not occupied their country for the last 20 years.

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