BA/MA in Archaeology 2022

Areas of Interest
Historical ArchaeologyGISPost-Colonial ArchaeologyCRM ArchaeologyHeritage Management
Excavation and Fieldwork
I participated in the Summer 2018 field school season at Florida Gulf Coast University. The 6 weeks of excavations saw us working on a Native American site in the Florida Everglades.
How did your experience in the program shape your professional and personal life?
I met so many great and interesting people during my time in the program that it would be hard for me to name them all. Working with my fellows students and faculty in the program greatly helped to hone my skills and open my eyes to many different experiences. I felt greatly prepared for my career ahead once I reached the end of my stay in the program.
What interactions with members of the Archaeology faculty did you value most during your time in the program?
The thing I valued most from the faculty was the one-on-one meetings during office hours. I learned so much from those meetings and I know all the faculty valued those meetings just as much as I did.