PhD in Archaeology 2008

Areas of Interest
Andes; Classical world; general North American prehistoric archaeology
What have you been doing since you’ve graduated?
In 2009 I started the cultural resources management division at a small family-owned environmental firm in Texas, Cox|McLain Environmental Consulting. Over the next decade I built the program into one of the largest in the south-central US and became an owner of Cox|McLain. In late 2021 we sold the firm to the Canadian engineering firm Stantec, where I am now a regional principal. It seems like a good fit thus far and for a giant company Stantec seems extraordinarily nice (probably because they’re Canadian, I guess).
How did your experience in the program shape your professional and personal life?
I loved the purely archaeological focus of the program; I chose it because at the time it was the only freestanding archaeology department in the US.
What interactions with members of the Archaeology faculty did you value most during your time in the program?
Hard to even know where to begin… so many great memories of late night dinners and wide-ranging discussions with Mughal, pragmatic mentoring from Goldberg and McAnany, phenomenal teaching tips from Runnels, inappropriate but ultimately good-hearted comments from Beaudry, jousting with Hammond, etc etc etc.