Endowed Scholarship Fund and the Archaeological Museum Named in Honor of Creighton Gabel

The Creighton Gabel Memorial Scholarship Fund, named in honor of our beloved former colleague who died on February 22, 2004. The Archaeology faculty voted unanimously to name the archaeological museum, established in 2002 in Room 253 of the Stone Science Building, the Creighton Gabel Archaeological Museum. In addition, an Archaeology Student Prize Fund has been established as a restricted fund.

Creighton Gabel, who joined Boston University in 1963, was a co-founder of the Department of Archaeology, currently named the Archaeology Program, in 1982 and served as the Director of Graduate Studies until his retirement in 1995. He was also Editor of the Journal of Field Archaeology, 1986-1995. The Gabel Scholarship Fund, the first endowed fund for Archaeology, will make possible an annual award to an archaeology graduate student(s).

Jane Gabel, who shared fifty-one years of marriage with Creighton, was a major contributor to the fund, along with her daughters, Anne Gabel and Molly Ben­ Menachem. She expressed her sincere thanks on behalf of the family to the many other contributors to the fund.

The museum was dedicated with its new name at a ceremony spring 2005.  The museum houses artifacts from various parts of the world, including the Creighton Gabel collection of prehistoric stone tools, metal artifacts, and Iron Age pottery from Africa, where he did most of his field work.

Other principal groups of artifacts are the Charlie Mitchell Collection of stone tools from North America and the James Wiseman study collection of artifacts from Greece, ranging in date from prehistoric to Ottoman Turkish times. Director of the museum is Professor Curtis Runnels and the Curator is Priscilla Murray. (Priscilla Murray, “The Archaeology Museum,” Context 17.l Fall /Winter 2002 / 2003] 8.)

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