Disability & Access Services

Disability & Access Services provides Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services, as well as assistance and accommodations for Blindness and Low Vision, Learning and Attentional Disabilities, Physical Disabilities, and Psychological Disabilities. In addition to providing academic accommodations, the office can also help you access any necessary housing or dietary accommodations.

You should be in touch with Disability & Access Services as soon as you think you might need accommodations. It can take up to three weeks to get services after you submit all of your documentation.

To receive assistance, you will need to submit an online intake form, have an intake appointment with a staff member, and submit appropriate documentation of your disability.

Your education occurs outside the classroom at BU, as well as in class, and Disability & Access Services can provide reasonable accommodations for non-academic University events.

Main Office Phone/TTY: 617-353-3658

Email: access@bu.edu