The Team Approach

At BU, you have a network of advisors ready to support you.

Why so many? Boston University is a large, complex, research university. Students choose to come to BU because it offers so many opportunities. However, that means no one advisor will have information about everything that is happening on campus.

Your primary academic advisor, who is usually either a professional staff member or a faculty member in your major, will be able to offer guidance on many aspects of your educational experience. However, sometimes your primary advisor will refer you to another advisor who has specialized knowledge about a particular opportunity.

For instance, a faculty advisor in your major will have a deep understanding of the curriculum and will be able to guide you in selecting appropriate courses to pursue your field of interest. A Study Abroad advisor can assist you in finding the international experience that is right for you. A career advisor can help you search out job opportunities and learn how to negotiate salaries.

Each of these individuals has an important role to play in your educational journey, and you should seek out their advice when you are making decisions that fall within their areas of expertise.

“My advisor has always been supportive when I have questions, and treats each meeting, however brief or spontaneous, with a significant degree of care. It is obvious that she is not only dedicated to doing her job effectively and correctly, but also to me and my own academic and career success. She has undeniably had a positive impact on my academic career.”

– Aidan Chaffin, CAS’21, COM’21, KHC’21

Your network of advisors may differ slightly from that of another BU student because each of our schools and colleges has its own robust advising system, tailored to meet the needs of its students.

You will continue to expand and personalize this network throughout your time at BU, as you build relationships with faculty, staff, and peers whose insight and guidance you value.