BU Bulletin

The Bulletin is your authoritative guide to degree planning, program requirements, and academic policies.

It might not be a page-turner, but it contains information you need!

It lists all of BU’s degree programs, majors, minors, and certificates, along with their requirements. So if you have questions about a requirement, check the Bulletin.

Want some help navigating the Bulletin?

Watch a tutorial

The BU Bulletin is also the official repository for academic policies. Want to know how many courses in a major and a minor can overlap? Check the Bulletin. Want to know what GPA you need to transfer from one BU college to another? Check the Bulletin.

Here are three important things to know to use the Bulletin effectively:

  1. For the information that pertains to you, you must look at the Bulletin for the year you entered BU. That means that unless you are a first-year student, you will need to look in the Bulletin Archives. Go to the main Bulletin page, and then click on the blue button that says Bulletin Archives. Then find your school or college (or the Hub if you have a Hub-related question), hover over the “select year” button, and select the year you entered BU. That will take you to your Bulletin.
  2. When you go to the main page of the Bulletin, you will see a tab at the top that says “Policies.” That tab will take you to a page that lists university-wide policies. As you look down the main page of the Bulletin, you will see that each school or college has its own Bulletin. The “Policies” link in the school Bulletin will take you to additional policies that apply only within that school.
  3. The Bulletin has an Addendum every year that features new programs—and changes to programs—that receive approval after the academic year Bulletin is published. You can find a link to the Addendum at the top of the main Bulletin page.

For a video tutorial on how to use the Bulletin, click here.