Many of the photos on this site were taken by professional photographers. Some, however, were taken by amateur photographers with a deep connection to the community.


Photo of a rainbow over BU’s Charles River Campus

Professor of Political Science and Dean of Arts & Sciences Emerita Virginia Sapiro

Professor of Political Science and Dean of Arts & Sciences Emerita Virginia Sapiro has been at Boston University since 2007. Professor Sapiro came to BU after a distinguished career at the University of Wisconsin – Madison. Her areas of specialization include Political Psychology, Political Behavior and Public Opinion, Gender Politics, Feminist and Democratic Theory, and Higher Education. Professor Sapiro has held a broad range of leadership positions and is the recipient of numerous awards and honors, including membership in the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. In addition to her research and teaching, Professor Sapiro enjoys photography and gardening, and she donated a number of images to this site that reflect her intimate knowledge of the university in all its seasons. We are grateful for her continued support of BU’s undergraduate community.

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Rhett the mascot

Courtney Martin

Courtney Martin is the Director of Academic Advising in the College of Arts & Sciences. She earned her B.A. in Sociology and her M.A. in Higher Education Administration before beginning her career in Student Affairs. Courtney loves building relationships with students and supporting them holistically throughout their journey at BU. Her photos express the warmth she feels for BU and its students.

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Maddie Johnson-Harwitz

Maddie Johnson-Harwitz is a senior at the NuVu Studio school for innovation and design in Cambridge. Her great-grandmother, her grandmother, and her mother all attended Boston University. Maddie is passionate about photography and film, and she was happy to donate photos she’s taken while walking around campus with family members.

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