Find the Right Advisor

Who do I ask about…?

While you will probably have a primary academic advisor who serves as your general point person, you will also have other advisors you consult on specialized topics. In addition, every BU school or college has an advising center or a student services office, where you can meet with a staff member who can either advise you personally or connect you with the right advisor, depending on the circumstances. While it might seem a little confusing at first, eventually you will see the benefit of having so many people to consult, each of whom has their own knowledge and perspective to offer.

To help figure out who does what in your school or college, click on your college below to see your advising network chart.

“When I first stepped foot into my advisor’s office, I immediately felt welcomed. She made an effort to get to know details about my background, life on campus, and aspirations. From then on, whenever I met with her she showed a genuine interest in how and what I was doing.”

– Christine Jimenez, SAR’20,’23