Industry experts and distinguished alumni of the Project Management program play a key role in guiding the program. The following advisory board currently represents a cross section of the industry:

  1. Anne Marie Kelley, Boston University
  2. Ann Chesley, Energy Sec.
  3. Irina Kofman-Capuano, Google
  4. Joseph Lauria, Philips Medical
  5. Michel Laflamme, New Balance
  6. Ayodale Cole, CEO, Opmosys
  7. Paul Cook, IPM Inc
  8. Jeffrey Cohen, Enterprise Bank
  9. Oliver Lehmann, Project Business Management
  10. Harold Kerzner, International Institute for Learning
  11. Jeff Burstein, L-EAF
  12. Michael Groves, Human Centric Labs
  13. Tim Logan, Learning by Design
  14. Ben Sosne, Executive Director Berkshire Innovation Center
  15. David Chen, True Agility Consulting
  16. Loredana Abramo, Nokia and antecedent companies (retired)