Python for Business PY100, is a non-credit lab, offered in an instructor-led format, and at no charge to BU MET graduate students.


In PY100, attendees will learn how to understand basic Python techniques and write code to solve simple problems as this lab offers an introduction to the basics of Python with a focus on data analysis and finance. After completing this self-paced laboratory, students will be able to:

  • Use the most common functions and features in Python’s base build.
  • Download, install, and use popular extensions like numpy, matplotlib, and pandas.
  • Perform basic analysis of financial data and create visualizations of results.

The PY100 Lab consists of four units that are worked on consecutively. At the end of each unit, students must pass a quiz, and score above 60% to unlock the next unit. Attendees depart with working experience in Python programming that will boost their ability to succeed in the following courses at BU MET:

PY100 also features optional live sessions that run for approximately one hour (live sessions will be recorded and available for replay).