Our goal is to prepare you for excellence in Project Management (PM) education and success in your real projects based on your new capabilities. Within this context, we provide labs so that you are well prepared to study in BU MET’s graduate courses.

The PM100 Lab, free to BU MET graduate students, will help you be successful in your project management courses, in particular, AD 642, Project Management. You will learn and practice with essential PM terminology and tools and be presented with the latest standards from PMI® – the Project Management Institute. The lab is actually “Assignment 0” of AD 642, and you need to gain the PM100 “badge” before the completion of AD 642. Think of it as a “co-requisite” to be completed alongside, not necessarily before, AD642. It also enables the AD 642 course to move more swiftly, since all students will have been exposed to the foundational terms and framework of PM.

You’ll get a lot out of PM100:

PM100 provides you with the opportunity to:

  • engage with your faculty
  • start to use the tools that you will encounter in A D642, in particular Microsoft Project and TreePlan through the BU MET Virtual Labs
  • gain familiarity with the Blackboard environment, which is used extensively at BU MET
  • attain a PM100 badge — an electronic credential that is useful at BU and with employers
  • be automatically enrolled in PM 200, which accompanies AD 646, Portfolio and Program Management

Self-paced laboratory or Instructor-led

PM100 is available in both as a Self-Paced Lab (SPL) or in an instructor-led format. In either case, there are narrated slide sets and exercises. During the Spring and Fall Semesters, the SPL allows students to complete the lab on their own for the purposes of the co-requisite for AD 642 – and allows any BU MET student – even those who have already earned their badge – to ‘poke around’ and learn about PM or to refresh their foundational knowledge of PM.

How to pass PM100

As a student in AD 642, Project Management, you will be automatically enrolled in PM100. Once enrolled, you can complete it by taking the End-of-Unit Tests successfully, or, if you consider yourself a veteran PM practitioner, you can take the Qualifier Quiz and if you score a 10, 11, or 12 out of 12 on that Quiz, you will have earned the PM100 badge.

How to Register and Access PM100

The Self-Paced and Instructor-led laboratories are only available if you have a BU identification number and email address. There are three ways in which you can access the lab:

PM100 Curriculum