Learn a broad cross-section of software applications!

AD200 is the second level of our series of labs that offer tutorials on how to use Analytical tools and software. These tools are used by business analytics professionals across the different business sectors.

In order to be enrolled in AD200 students must have an AD100 completion badge. This laboratory is free to all BU MET ABA students.

How AD200 will help you succeed:

By completing AD200 you will:

  • Prepare students for different specialization courses within the BU MET Applied Business Analytics program that uses a variety of tools such as Tableau and Python.
  • Match current demands of the job market as many of the jobs in the field require knowledge of different tools. Many employers have specific software and tools that they use and require candidates to have proficient knowledge of them to reduce onboarding training and effort.

Self-paced Laboratory

AD200 is available in a Self-Paced Lab (SPL). The SPL format allows students to complete the lab independently, using the course resources in order to prepare for the four end-of-unit tests. Students who have already earned the AD100 badge can access the AD200 lab at this link: AD200 Self-Paced Laboratory.

The laboratory consists of the following units:

  • Unit 1: Analytics & Visualization in Power BI Services
  • Unit 2: Analytics & Visualization in Tableau
  • Unit 3: Analytics & Visualization in Qlik
  • Unit 4: Statistical Programming Environments for ABA applications
  • Unit 5: Introduction to Python for Business Analytics Applications
  • Unit 6: Intermediate SQL for ABA courses
  • Unit 7: Introduction to MS Azure for ABA courses
  • Unit 8: Data as a Service
  • Unit 9: Dynamic Analytical Model Deployment
  • Unit 10: Self Service Analytics

Each unit contains specialized modules. Content within those modules primarily consists of static slides that explain the concepts, embedded videos with code demonstrations in RStudio, and Test Yourself questions based on the unit content. Datasets and software tools and applications are preinstalled in the BU MET VLAB.

How to complete AD200

Students will need to successfully complete 5 out of the 10 unit tests with a score of 70% or higher in each test. While completion of only five units is required for the badge, not all students who use the lab will do this. Any user of AD200 should feel free to pick and choose particular topics of interest for learning the use of a specific tool, whether for an interview or to prepare for an ABA specialization course.

We recommend that students complete one of the first 3 units, as they all discuss data visualization tools. Moreover, we recommend that students choose 3 out of units 4, 5, 6, and 7. Finally, we recommend students to finish 1 out of the last 3 units.

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