Student Spotlight: Marcelle M. Malagón Báez

Marcelle M. Malagón Báez headshotMarcelle M. Malagón Báez Graduation Photo

Passionate about project management and obtained a PM master’s degree from Boston University. Marcelle is originally from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, where she worked in a variety of projects within the manufacturing and service industry including water, hygiene, and sanitation. She is now looking for her next experience after completing her master’s. Above all, Marcelle is eager to learn from new experiences in order to contribute to the overall growth of a business!

Asked about her BU MET College experience, Marcelle said, “Completing my master’s degree online was something I did not expect when starting my last semester this past Spring, but given the global pandemic it was necessary. Regardless, I am extremely grateful to have had the chance to complete my program successfully. Thank you to all my classmates/teammates, family, and friends for your unbelievable support. Also, special thanks to all of my incredible professors in the project management program!”

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