Human Development & Education

  • SED HD 415: Practicum/Capstone Seminar
    This course provides opportunities for reflection, self-assessment and program evaluation. Students will produce an e-portfolio documenting the knowledge and practical skills they have gained in the course of completing the specialization in child and adolescent mental health.
  • SED HD 500: Directed Study
    By arrangement; no description.
  • SED HD 510: Positive Youth Development
    This course will introduce students to the historical and contemporary understandings of Positive Youth Development. Students will explore adolescent development and identify developmental milestones, local context, and potential exposure to adversity that may be present during the period of adolescence, as well as the way(s) Positive Youth Development can help foster healthy adolescent development. Various models of Positive Youth Development will be examined in the context of various youth-serving settings, including schools, sports, communities, and after-school programs.
  • SED HD 511: Social and Policy Perspective in Positive Youth Development
    This course explores the broader systemic and policy issues of positive youth development. Understanding of development within diverse cultural contexts and the integration of this knowledge by youth serving systems are critical perspectives in this course.
  • SED HD 512: Transformational Leadership in Positive Youth Development
    Transformational leadership is a model of leadership that emphasizes change, growth, and teamwork. In the often underfunded and overworked fields of Positive Youth Development, transformational leadership is a highly desirable trait in employees and managers. This course will explore the characteristics of transformational leadership and transformational leaders relative to Positive Youth Development settings through readings and case studies.
  • SED HD 513: Language Development and Culture in PYD
    Examines the relationships between language and social identities like culture, class, race, ethnicity, and gender. Explores implications for cross-cultural communication in diverse settings. Considers issues of linguistic diversity within their broad sociopolitical and philosophical contexts.
  • SED HD 526: Meaning & Development of Play
    Examines play from birth through adolescence, its role in social, emotional and cognitive development, its therapeutic and educational value, how the environment, including toys and media, shapes play, and how to promote quality play in diverse settings with diverse children. Graduate. 4 cr.
  • SED HD 530: Sport: Imperialism and Liberation
    Sport: Imperialist and Liberator explores sport's deep-seeded roots of systemic oppression and supremacy. An anti-oppression framework will scaffold examinations of racism, sexism, nationalism, violence, power, religion, and capitalism.
  • SED HD 600: AHD Practicum
    This seminar is designed to support the practicum experience of students in the semester in which they are completing a practicum working with students in a youth serving organization. The seminars include the presentation of content related to the practicum and discussions related to students' fieldwork placements.
  • SED HD 610: The Psychology of Oppression and Liberation
    Examines psychological effects of social oppression and liberation, and the psychological requirements that sustain these ideas. Explores dynamics of resistance, healing, and liberation. Interrogates systems of oppression regarding race, social class, gender, sexuality, and ability. Integrates intersectional and global perspectives.