Health Education

  • SED HE 221: Foundations of Health Education
    Provides the foundation for improving health through modification of daily habits and lifestyle decisions. Analysis of nutrition, exercise, stress, substance abuse, and environmental health. 2 cr.
  • SED HE 720: Selected Problems in Health Education
    Health education with emphasis on nutrition, medical self-care, substance abuse, physical exercise, and leisure from Eastern and Western perspectives. Designed for graduate students in health professions, management, and education with interests in comprehensive health care and health promotion. 4 cr.
  • SED HE 722: Curriculum Development for Health, Movement and Wellness
    For individuals in a variety of settings involved in planning curricula related to health, movement and wellness. Explores influences on curriculum development and implementation in a variety of settings, including schools and communities, focusing on effective planning for behavior change in a variety of populations within schools and communities. 4 cr.