Reading Education

  • SED LR 501: Teaching of Reading
    Undergraduate Prerequisites: First-Year Writing Seminar (WR 120 or equivalent).
    For upper level undergraduate and beginning graduate students without experience in teaching. Study of literacy development in childhood-early adolescence and implications for teaching and learning. Includes integration of educational media/technology, discussion of theory/research, and applications to effective lesson planning. Effective Spring 2022, this course fulfills a single unit in each of the following BU Hub areas: Digital/Multimedia Expression, Writing- Intensive Course, Creativity/Innovation. 4 cr. Either sem.
    • Digital/Multimedia Expression
    • Creativity/Innovation
    • Writing-Intensive Course
  • SED LR 503: Reading and Writing Assessment
    For undergraduate students in Special Education and Elementary Education. Introduction of informal and formal assessment of reading and writing knowledge and strategies among students in general education classrooms. Includes analysis of prototypic case studies. Provides a foundation for a two-credit module (SED SE 515) that addresses the particular needs of special populations. 2 cr.
  • SED LR 551: Introduction to Reading Development, Assessment, and Instruction
    For beginning graduate students without experience in the teaching of reading. Study of reading development in childhood and early adolescence, and the implications for teaching and learning. Discussion of theory and research on effective instruction and assessment, and the application of both to teaching. Not open to students who have completed SED LR 501 and/or LR 503. 4 cr.
  • SED LR 732: Teaching Reading in the Middle and Secondary Schools
    For upper-level undergraduate and graduate students. Study of the development of reading abilities in the middle and secondary years, and discussion of the implications for teaching and learning in the content area. 2 cr.
  • SED LR 780: Process of Reading
    Investigation of the theory and research related to reading. Exploration of implications for assessment, instructional design, and educational planning. Considers impact of new literacies on reading development. 4 cr. 1st sem.
  • SED RE 501: Teaching of Reading
    Undergraduate Prerequisites: Taken concurrently with CH 300
    For advanced undergraduate and graduate students without previous experience in the teaching role. Analysis of literacy development and instruction. Instructional strategies for reading and authentic assessment. Taken concurrently with SED CH 300.
  • SED RE 723: Practitioner as Researcher
    Involves designing and implementing a research project that answers questions about site-based practice. Published practitioner research is reviewed. Examines research as a collaborative process that supports constituent, researcher, institutional, and societal development. Fulfills core requirement in research. 3 cr.
  • SED RE 736: Developmental Reading Strategies II
    Undergraduate Prerequisites: Students must obtain consent of instructor.
    Analytic comparison of current practices; emphasis on developmental reading programs. Examines the nature of the reading process, evaluational materials, vocabulary building, study skills, pupil interest, and independent reading. Students must obtain consent of instructor.