Certificate in Theology & Latinx Studies

The Certificate in Theology & Latinx Studies signifies a student’s concentrated development of research and/or practical competencies in Latinx history, theology, and religious culture. The goal of the program is to prepare students for meaningful and effective work in Latinx communities of faith and to explore the rich depth of Latinx religious traditions. The program offers academic training in methods of contextual analysis through courses in urban ministry and travel seminars. Courses in biblical and historical studies introduce students to the traditions of biblical interpretation as well as the spiritual practices and religious, political, and social influences that have shaped Latinx Christianity. Another strength of the program is the study of the history and sociology of migration from Latin American countries. Successful completion of the program consists of passing four approved courses in the subject area. The certificate can be earned in conjunction with degree program requirements or as a stand-alone certificate. If a student wants to substitute other courses including those from one of the other schools in the Boston Theological Institute, they will need to consult with one of the advisors listed below, and receive approval by petition to the academic dean. Students wanting more information about the Theology & Latinx Studies Certificate or the value of such certification may contact one of the faculty advisors listed below.

Faculty Advisors for the Theology & Latinx Studies Certificate

  • Alejandro Botta, Associate Professor of Hebrew Bible
  • Jonathan Calvillo, Assistant Professor of Sociology of Religion
  • Cristian De La Rosa, Clinical Assistant Professor of Contextual Theology and Practice
  • Filipe Maia, Assistant Professor of Theology
  • Luis Menéndez-Antuña, Assistant Professor of New Testament
  • Rady Roldán-Figueroa, Associate Professor of the History of Christianity


To earn the Certificate in Theology & Latinx Studies, students must take four courses from the following list of approved courses.

  • STH TC 830 Sociology of Immigration and Religion
  • STH TC 842 Urban Ministry in the 21st Century
  • STH TC 897 Our Lady of Guadalupe as a Resource for El Pueblo: Travel Seminar to Mexico
  • STH TF 808 A2 Liberation, Faith Communities, and Theological Challenges in Latin America: Travel Seminar to Argentina
  • STH TF 808 P1 Religion and Culture in Peru: Travel Seminar
  • STH TF 821 Travel Seminar to Cuba
  • STH TH 802 Christianity Beyond Early Modern Europe
  • STH TH 853 History of Christianity in Colonial Latin America
  • STH TH 854 Topics in Christianity in Colonial Latin America: Bartolome de las Casas
  • STH TO 838 Biblical Interpretation from Hispanic and Latin American Perspectives
  • STH TR 815 Sociology of Religion in Latin America
  • STH TT 862 Theologies of Liberation
  • Courses offered by the Hispanic Summer Program (The STH Associate Dean for Academic Affairs approves these graduate-level courses as transfer credit on a regular basis. STH is a member of the Hispanic Theological Initiative.)
  • Courses in the wider University that focus on Latinx studies (students may take one such course out of the four required)