Certificate in Religious Education

Completion of the Certificate in Religious Education requires five courses, following the requirements below. The certificate can be earned in conjunction with degree program requirements or as a stand-alone certificate. If a student wants to substitute other courses including those from one of the other schools in the Boston Theological Institute, they will need to consult with Dr. Courtney Goto, Associate Professor of Religious Education, and receive approval by petition to the academic dean. Students wanting more information about the Religious Education Certificate or the value of such certification may contact Dr. Goto at cgoto@bu.edu. Students wanting more information about getting the certification from their board of ordained ministry may contact Dr. Wanda Stahl, Co-Director of the Contextual Education office (wstahl@bu.edu).

Requirements (at least one course must be taken from each area)

  1. Bible (other Bible courses may substitute by petition)
  • TN 721 New Testament Introduction
  • TO 704 Hebrew Bible
  1. United Methodist Studies
  • TH 821 History and Doctrine of United Methodism
  • TT 723 United Methodist Polity
  • TT 825 John Wesley’s Theology Today
  1. Theology
  • TT 731 Theology & World Religions
  • TT 732 History of Christian Theology in Philosophical Perspective
  • TT 733 Constructive Theology
  • TT 825 John Wesley’s Theology Today
  • TT 862 Theologies of Liberation
  • TT 866 Feminist and Womanist Theologies
  1. Religious Education—Teaching/Learning
  • TE 808 Creative Pedagogy
  • TE 811 Doing Theology Aesthetically
  • TE 921 Adult Religious Education
  • TF 703 Practicing Faith: Embodying the Kingdom
  1. Religious Education—Administration/Leadership
  • TE 812 Introduction to Christian Education
  • TE 845 Religion and Education
  • TE 921 Adult Religious Education