Medical Campus Study Room Guidelines

School of Public Health Policy

Boston University Medical Campus students, in concert with the student services and administrative offices of the Medical Campus, developed and adopted the following guidelines for use in study rooms. The purpose of these guidelines is to ensure that study room space is used in a productive and collegial manner for group study. These guidelines are posted in each study room so that Medical Campus students may actively manage their study room spaces.


  1. Use of study rooms is available to Boston University Medical Campus students who are current Terrier Card holders.
  2. It is expected that students will resolve any difficulties pertaining to use of the study rooms according to the guidelines.
  3. Please respect the schedule for room use posted by the Resource Scheduling office. Questions may be directed to 617-638-4040. Meetings and classes may be added to the schedule up to the time of the event, and students utilizing the room for study purposes must yield to a scheduled meeting or class.
  4. Windows to study rooms must be uncovered so others can see if the room is in use.
  5. Doors to study rooms must be left unlocked at all times while the room is in use.
  6. One person in a study room must share the study room with an arriving study group. (A group is defined as two or more students.)
  7. Rooms should not be left unattended for more than 30 minutes. Any items, including books, personal effects, and the like, that remain in the room after 30 minutes of disuse may be stacked neatly to one side by the next person to use the room. The risk of damage to or loss of unattended items is assumed by the owner.
  8. Trash should be placed into the trash receptacles in the rooms.
  9. BUMC Administration may restrict the use of study rooms or request that students vacate rooms that need to be utilized for scheduled classes, meetings, or emergencies.

To report non-compliance, please contact:
School of Medicine: 617-638-4166
School of Dental Medicine: 617-638-4787
School of Public Health: 617-638-5059
Division of Graduate Medical Sciences: 617-638-5122
Resource Scheduling office: 617-638-4040

In the event of an emergency, please call Security at 4-4444 from the nearest house telephone. If you are using a cell phone, dial 617-414-4444.

For facility needs (e.g., the room is too hot or too cold), contact Control at 617-638-4144 from the nearest house telephone.

Rooms affected: R (McNary)-102, R-104, R-105, R-106, R-108, R-109, R-110, R-114, R-116, R-123; L-204, L-110, L-112, Bakst Auditorium, L2 labs, L4 labs, L303, L304, LG07, L1406, Robinson Complex–Rooms 2801, 2806, 2810, 2831, 2849.