Incomplete Coursework

University Policy

School of Public Health Policy

A student may request an incomplete grade under the following conditions:

  • The student has completed 75% of coursework in the course.
  • The student cannot complete course requirements on time due to serious extenuating circumstances for which the student is not responsible.
    • Examples of such extenuating circumstances include serious illness of the student, military service, extended jury duty, or death of a family member. A student may be required to provide proof of the circumstances, such as a note from a physician.
  • The “Drop without a W” and “Drop with a W” deadlines have passed for the course in question.
  • An incomplete contract is completed, signed by both student and faculty and submitted to the SPH Registrar’s Office.

An incomplete grade cannot be granted as an alternative to submitting a poor or failing grade. The incomplete is granted on the condition that the student will complete the coursework on their own. Incomplete grades must be resolved within the time period specified on the incomplete contract or the maximum of one year (whichever comes first), at which time the grade will be converted to the final grade indicated on the incomplete contract, or “F” if no grade is indicated.