Incomplete or Repeated Coursework

University Policy

Sargent College Policy

Incomplete Coursework

No incomplete grades shall be reported unless the instructor and the student have conferred, the student has presented a sufficient reason why a course cannot be completed on schedule, and the instructor has assigned a date within the succeeding 12 months by which time all course requirements must be completed.

The Incomplete Grade Report form to be filled out and signed by the student and instructor is obtainable on the Registrar’s website and must be submitted to the Sargent Academic Services Center by the deadline for submission of final grades. Both the student and the instructor should retain a copy of the signed form.

No degree credit for incomplete courses will be granted unless the work is completed by the date assigned, which must be within one calendar year of the date on which the incomplete grade is reported. Please be advised that Incomplete grades may have implications for financial aid awards.

In the event that coursework remains incomplete on the assigned date or 12 months after the I grade has been awarded, whichever comes first, the I grade may be changed permanently to an F grade.

Repeated Coursework

Unless explicitly designated as “Repeatable for Additional Credit”, repeated courses do not receive credit toward graduation. The grade received for a repeated course does not replace the grade for the original course; both grades are computed into the student’s grade point average.