Petitions and Appeals

Sargent College Policy

The Sargent College Committee on Academic Policies and Procedures (CAPP) is the group that can take action on petitions from students seeking variance from a Sargent College academic policy or regulation. Petition forms can be obtained on the Sargent College website.

Students who seek a variance of a program policy or regulation, or who have a grievance with an instructor or a departmental decision, should attempt to resolve the situation with the individual instructor, with the department chair, or by petition to the departmental faculty. Please contact the department coordinator for specific information.

The student may appeal decisions made at the departmental level by submitting a petition of appeal to the Sargent College Committee on Academic Policies and Procedures.

Undergraduates seeking to appeal a final grade in a Boston University course should see the Policy on Grade Grievances for Undergraduate Students in Boston University Courses.