Academic Requirements

Sargent College Policy

Students, as participating members of an academic community, have a responsibility not only to take advantage of the resources available, but also to contribute to a positive learning experience for all.

Carefully selected standards for student performance must be established if the University is to meet its responsibility to prepare capable persons for professional service and to provide a stimulating and satisfying experience in learning for its students. Students must know exactly what these standards are if they are to evaluate their own abilities to profit from and contribute to their program. Each program has a manual (that includes these standards), approved by the entire faculty, and made available each year to all new students. Please see your program’s website for further information. Students are responsible for obtaining this manual from the department and for understanding the standards. These standards are a summary of expectations and policies setting forth the type and level of performance that must be maintained by students if the professional responsibilities of the College are to be achieved. These are minimal standards, intended not as rigid regulations but as guidelines for evaluation.

All Sargent College students are required to complete a college-level English composition course. Advanced placement units and/or SAT score exemption may not be used to meet this requirement.