Questrom Honors Program

The Questrom Honors Program is a rigorous academic program that builds upon the BSBA curriculum at the Questrom School of Business to give students a unique opportunity to explore areas of interest in greater depth through a series of seminars and program engagements.

To complete the Questrom Honors Program, all students must complete a series of four seminars (10 credits total) in addition to fully engaging in the activities of the program. The progression of the Questrom Honors Program is as follows: 

Sophomore Year

  • QST SM 450 Honors Program Sophomore Seminar (2 cr). In the spring semester of the sophomore year, in which they research and discuss topics and issues in business and other fields with the Faculty Director of the Questrom Honors Program. Previous seminars have included exploration of career paths through a series of alumni visits, identifying new business ventures, entrepreneurship, and dealing with failure.

Junior/Senior Years

  • Two 2-credit Honors Program seminars. Topics reflect the important issues facing future business leaders. Some examples of recent seminar topics include: “Innovation & the Dynamics of Enterprise in America (IDEA),” “Branding in the Time of Covid,” “Pricing the Priceless: New Biomedical Technology,” and “Keynes’ Economic Consequences of the Peace: Lessons for Today.” The goal of this requirement is to help students think more broadly and deeply about the process of leading others and the special functions leaders perform in helping work teams be more effective.

Senior Year

  • QST SM 460 Senior Capstone Project (4 cr). Students will select a theme for their senior capstone and work with mentors to complete their project. The project should follow one of three possible paths: research, business consulting, or innovation. Depending on the project type, work can be performed individually or in groups.

Program Engagement

Students in the Questrom Honors Program must also complete two local off-site experiential learning engagements that include a community service element, as well as engage in alumni and research day events. Honors students must be registered for a minimum of 16 academic credits in each semester that they are in the program. Any variation to this policy must be approved. The two-credit Honors Program seminars and the capstone project that are completed during junior and senior year may count toward that 16-credit total.

Students who withdraw from, or otherwise fail to satisfy the requirements of, the program listed above will receive full credit toward the BSBA degree for those Honors Program requirements that they have successfully completed, with the exception of the Honors Program seminars and the Honors Program capstone project, which will count as additional coursework.

Successful completion of the Honors Program will result in the notation “Awarded School Honors” on the student’s official transcript, and the student will be individually recognized at Questrom’s commencement ceremony.

Further information about the program is available from the Questrom School of Business Undergraduate Academic & Career Development Center and on the Honors Program website.