Professional Evening MBA (PEMBA)

Students are admitted to the Professional Evening MBA (PEMBA) program as majoring in General Management, Health Sector Management, or Social Impact. MBA students may also pursue a dual degree program offered in conjunction with another Boston University school or college.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the MBA program, students will be able to demonstrate:

  • An ethical perspective.
  • Core business knowledge and skills.
  • Leadership.
  • A management-systems perspective.
  • A global perspective.
  • An innovative approach.

Curriculum Options

The PEMBA curriculum contains 31 credits of required core courses and 24 credits of elective coursework. All incoming students are required to attend PEMBA Orientation.

Please note: All students are required to complete the MBA program within a six-year time frame.

Required Courses for All PEMBA Students

Core Required—31 credits

  • QST AC 711 Financial Reporting and Control (3 cr)
  • QST ES 740 Leadership Communications (2 cr)
  • QST ES 750 Leadership Through Collaboration (.5 cr)
  • QST FE 722 Financial Management (3 cr)
  • QST MG 730 Ethics (1.5 cr)
  • QST MK 724 Marketing Management (3 cr)
  • QST MO 712 Leading Organizations and People (3 cr)
  • QST OM 726 Creating Value through Operations and Technology (3 cr)
  • QST PL 730 Economics and Management Decisions (3 cr)
  • QST QM 717 Data Analysis for Managerial Decision-Making (3 cr)
  • QST SI 751 Competition, Innovation, and Strategy (3 cr)
  • Action Learning Elective course (3.0 cr)*: students must complete one 3-credit course from a list of approved experientially based electives.

The following courses may be used to fulfill the Capstone Project Requirement:

  • QST HM 801 Bench-to-Bedside: Translating Biomedical Innovation from the Laboratory to the Marketplace
  • QST HM 817 Advances in Digital Health
  • QST HM 840 Health Sector Consulting
  • QST IM 851 The Management of Luxury Business
  • QST IM 860 Social Impact Field Seminar
  • QST IS 827 Platform Strategy and Design
  • QST IS 855 Digital Transformation: Immersive Interactions and Insights at Silicon Valley
  • QST OM 832 Blockchain and Social Impact
  • QST OM 858 Lean Consulting
  • QST SI 630 Cleantech Venture Consulting Practicum
  • QST SI 858 Innovation Ecosystems
  • QST SI 859 Strategy Implementation
  • QST SI 868 International Consulting Project


    Eight elective courses at 3 credits each, or any combination of approved Questrom coursework totaling 24 credits. This can include Questrom electives, approved graduate electives from other schools at BU, or directed studies.

    Single-Degree Programs

    Cohorted PEMBA—55 cr

    In the Cohorted program, students move through the first six core curriculum courses with the same group of students. The cohort experience enhances the role of teams and continuity of content between courses. Students are automatically enrolled in two courses for the fall semester, three courses for the spring semester, and one course during the first summer session.

    Students must follow the prescribed curriculum to remain in the cohort.

    Since cohorted students take five of their core courses before their electives, it is important to build a relationship with your MBA Center advisor to plan out the best elective program to fit your professional goals.

    Flex PEMBA—55 cr

    We strongly advise that all PEMBA students follow the sequence of courses presented on the curriculum map, as it promotes the program’s goals. Not all core courses are offered year-round, and only a limited number of courses are offered during the summer.

    Dual Degree Programs

    Thirty-one credits must be completed in residence at Questrom School of Business and consist of the required Core, Ethics, and Executive Skills classes. Students who waive core courses are required to take an additional Questrom elective. If any Questrom course is counted toward the other degree program, students may experience greater flexibility in fulfilling degree requirements but still must meet required total degree credits. Please contact your advisor for MBA requirements.

    Dual degree candidates must fulfill the degree and residency requirements of both schools. Dual degrees available to PEMBA students include:

    MBA/MA in International Relations

    For information on the MA portion of the degree, please contact the Department of International Relations in the Graduate School of Arts & Sciences at 617-353-9349 or

    MBA/JD in Law Management

    For information on the JD portion of the degree, please contact the School of Law at 617-353-3100 or

    MBA/MS in Product Design & Manufacture Engineering

    For information on the MS portion of the degree, please contact the College of Engineering at 617-353-2670 or

    Degree Completion

    Single-Degree MBA

    To qualify for the MBA degree, students (except for dual degree students) must:

    • Complete all required courses (MBA Core courses, Ethics, Leadership Communications courses, and any additional requirements, such as internships required for some Social Impact students) and approved electives for a total of 55 credits. A student may transfer and/or waive no more than the equivalent of 24 credits. At least 31 credits must be taken at Questrom School of Business. Note that 1-credit Curricular Practical Training (CPT) courses for international students cannot be used to satisfy MBA degree requirements. PDP (physical education) courses also cannot be used to satisfy MBA requirements.
    • Have a cumulative GPA of at least 2.70
    • Have no “I” grades or “MG” grades in classes that are counting toward the MBA

    Dual Degrees

    To qualify for the MBA, students enrolled in a dual degree program must:

    • Fulfill the requirement of at least 31 credits in the PEMBA program. If any credits are transferred or waived by exam, additional elective credits must be taken to satisfy the 31-credit residency requirement. Note that 1-credit Curricular Practical Training (CPT) courses for international students cannot be used to satisfy MBA degree requirements. Physical education (PDP) courses also cannot be used to satisfy MBA requirements.
    • Have a cumulative GPA of at least 2.70 in the MBA portion of the program
    • Have no “I” or “MG” grades in classes that are counting toward the MBA