Minor in Business Administration & Management

The minor in Business Administration & Management is designed for the student who wants a general introduction to the concepts and functions of business. Students complete a set of three foundational courses and then have the ability to select four electives to complete the minor, with flexibility for individual intellectual interests. Students may take no more than 8 credits from any one department across all courses.

The following three courses (10 credits) are required for the minor:

  • QST AC 221 Financial Accounting (4 cr)
  • QST SM 131 Business, Ethics & the Creation of Value (4 cr)
  • QST SM 132 Measuring Financial Value (2 cr)

Students then select four electives from the following list to complete the minor:

  • CAS EC 101 Introductory Microeconomic Analysis
  • CAS EC 102 Introductory Macroeconomic Analysis
  • QST AC 222 Managerial Accounting
  • BA 222 Modeling Business Decisions and Market Outcomes with Spreadsheets and Statistical Programming (only one of BA 222 and QM 222 may be taken for credit)
  • QST FE 200 Principles of Finance
  • QST IM 345 Global Business Environment
  • QST IS 223 Introduction to Information Systems
  • QST IS 474 Platform Strategy and Design
  • QST LA 245 Introduction to Law
  • QST MK 200 Principles of Marketing
  • QST MK 345 Consumer Insights
  • QST MO 221 The Dynamics of Leading Organizations
  • QST MO 356 Leadership and Management of Social Enterprises
  • QST MO 442 Leading High-Performance Teams and Project Groups
  • QST MO 448 Negotiations
  • QST MO 460 Leadership
  • QST OM 353 Project Management
  • QST OM 365 Improving Quality: Six Sigma Certification
  • QST PL 325 Introduction to the Health Sector: Issues and Opportunities
  • QST PL 330 The US Healthcare System in Transition
  • QST PL 350 The Psychology of Decision Making: Implications for Business and Public Policy
  • QST QM 221 Probabilistic & Statistical Decision Making for Management*
  • QST QM 222 Modeling Business Decisions and Market Outcomes (only one of BA 222 and QM 222 may be taken for credit)
  • QST SI 250 Ideas to Impact
  • QST SI 340 Family Business Management
  • QST SI 344 Entrepreneurship: Solving Problems in a Dynamic World
  • QST SI 352 Innovation & the Dynamics of Enterprise in America (IDEA)
  • QST SI 451 Organizing for Design and Innovation
  • QST SI 453 Strategies for Environmental Sustainability
  • QST SI 464 Intellectual Property Strategies
  • QST SI 475 Global Management Experience
  • QST SI 480 The Business of Technology Innovation
  • QST SM 275 Management Communication

*The following may be substituted for QST QM 221, but only one (or one combination) may be taken for credit: CAS EC 203, CAS EC 303, CAS MA 115 AND 116, CAS MA 213 AND 214, CAS PS 211, ENG BE 200, ENG EC 381, ENG ME 366.

Students must earn a grade of C– or higher in each course taken toward the minor.