Online MBA (OMBA)

Students admitted to the Online Master of Business Administration (OMBA) complete the entirety of the program online through a series of six 7.5 credit modules in addition to a noncredit, pass/fail orientation module (Module 0). The program delivers an innovative, rigorous, integrated curriculum that requires a high level of student engagement. Upon completion of the six modules for a total of 45 credits, students are awarded the Master of Business Administration with a major in general management.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the program, OMBA students will be able to demonstrate:

  • Responsible business leadership.
  • Effective communication.
  • Critical and analytical thinking.
  • Collaboration.
  • An entrepreneurial mindset.

OMBA Curriculum—45 cr

The BU Questrom Online MBA requires 45 credit hours of coursework comprised of six 7.5-credit semester-long integrated modules in addition to a noncredit pass/fail orientation module (Module 0). The curriculum is designed so that students take one module at a time. After completing Module 0 (orientation), students must take Module 1 first. Modules 2 and 3 can be taken in any order but must be completed with a passing grade before completing the last three modules. The last three modules can be completed in any order.

The modules provide an integrated perspective on the key capabilities needed to make management decisions in a complex global business ecosystem. Each module is designed to weave together business concepts, instead of delivering them in silos, to create an integrated design. Because of this, there are no elective courses, as skills students need are integrated throughout the required program.


To earn the MBA, students in the OMBA program must successfully complete the following:

  • QST MX 700 M0: Module 0: Online MBA Launch (0 cr)
  • QST MX 710 M1: Module 1: Creating Value for Business and Society (7.5 cr)
  • QST MX 720 M2: Module 2: Managing Performance with Data (7.5 cr)
  • QST MX 730 M3: Module 3: Leading with Integrity (7.5 cr)
  • QST MX 740 M4: Module 4: Assessing & Managing Risks (7.5 cr)
  • QST MX 750 M5: Module 5: Leveraging Global Opportunities (7.5 cr)
  • QST MX 760 M6: Module 6: Fostering an Innovative Mindset (7.5 cr)


Students in the OMBA program will work with their Student Success Specialist to register for courses. Each semester, students must complete the Intent to Register form to indicate their plans for the upcoming semester (continuing to the next module or taking a leave of absence). From there, the Student Success Specialist will process the student’s registration. It is essential that students complete the Intent to Register form by the deadline indicated to avoid a delay in registration. Students should contact with questions or concerns about their academic plans or to change their registration.

To be eligible to register each semester, all OMBA students must be in compliance with University policies, including having their financial account in good standing and completing the required University training on sexual misconduct prevention. Students can check their compliance status via the MyBU Student Portal and are responsible for maintaining their own compliance standing.

The following policies apply to students in the OMBA program:

  • OMBA students will be registered for one module per semester.
  • OMBA students are expected to follow a standard progression through the program, which requires completing one 7.5-credit module each semester and maintaining part-time student status.
  • Students who wish to enroll in a non-Questrom course must receive approval from their Student Success Specialist. Please note that registration for additional courses will impact tuition rates and financial aid.
  • Students may only enroll in the OMBA module courses in the Questrom School of Business.
  • Students who do not enroll in a given semester should request a Leave of Absence to indicate their desire to maintain their student status but not enroll in a given semester. Students may be on a Leave of Absence up to 1 year (3 semesters).

Withdrawal/Dropping a Course

If an OMBA student wishes to drop a course or withdraw from a semester, they must put their request in writing to Students should refer to the University Class Schedule in the MyBU Student Portal for the last day to drop an OMBA course. They will work with their Student Success Specialist to determine future academic plans. If a student submitted their request in writing before the start of the semester for which they had previously registered, the charges for that semester will be canceled. If the semester has already started, the student may be entitled to a refund. If a student takes a leave after the last day to Add a Standard Class according to the BU Academic Calendar, they will not receive any tuition refund for the semester.

Academic Progress and Graduation

Academic Performance Review for OMBA Students

The BU Questrom Online MBA adheres and maintains the rigor expected of a graduate-level degree offered at Questrom. Each module (modules 1–6) is comparable to the workload of two individual courses and students are expected to work a minimum of 15 hours per week to meet course requirements with commitment levels expanding up to 20 hours per week, depending on content and the student’s previous preparation. Students may also devote more time to learning and engagement as needed. This time commitment includes synchronous (live), asynchronous (self-paced), and teaming requirements.

The OMBA Student Success Specialists monitor each student’s academic performance at the mid-point and end of each module up until the time of graduation. An OMBA student must maintain a cumulative Questrom grade point average (CGPA) of at least 2.70 (on a 4.0 scale) to be in good academic standing and graduate.

In addition to maintaining a CGPA of at least 2.70, students are expected to maintain a strong level of engagement by completing program assignments on time and engaging in online module components as required. Students who fail to achieve sufficient academic performance will be referred to program leadership (executive director and senior associate dean), and the Program Development Committee (PDC) for review. The PDC, in collaboration with program leadership, will review if a student’s performance meets expectations for continued participation in the program.

The PDC has final responsibility for decisions regarding OMBA students with poor academic standing. The PDC determines whether students with poor performance will be withdrawn or permitted to stay in the OMBA and, if so, what specific steps must be taken to regain good academic standing.

All OMBA students who are not in good academic standing after each module attempted, including the first, will be referred to the PDC for review. Students will be informed of their academic position via their BU email address prior to the start of the subsequent semester or module. All students in poor academic standing must meet with their Student Success Specialist as specified in the correspondence sent to the student. If a Student Statement (described below) is submitted, it is due within five calendar days of the performance notification. It is the student’s responsibility to be aware of the tight window between notice and action and plan accordingly.

Based on the student’s Questrom CGPA, there are two categories of poor academic performance:

  1. OMBA students with a Questrom CGPA less than 2.70 but equal to or greater than 2.55 after 7.5 credits attempted will be placed on academic probation. The PDC will take one of the following probationary actions: (1) written warning, (2) written warning with requirements, or (3) required suspension for one or two semesters. The PDC, in collaboration with program leadership, determines the terms of the probation. The student will have the opportunity to provide a written statement concerning their academic performance to inform the PDC’s probation plan (see Student Statement, below). To remain in the program, students must make progress as outlined in the probation plan.
  2. OMBA students with a Questrom CGPA less than 2.55 after 7.5 credits attempted will be informed that they have been flagged for withdrawal from the program. All withdrawal cases come to the PDC for a final review. As input into the PDC decision regarding permanent academic withdrawal, the student has the opportunity to provide a written statement explaining their academic performance (see Student Statement, below). A PDC decision for permanent academic withdrawal is final and no appeals to the PDC beyond the Student Statement are allowed.

After all program credits are completed, OMBA students must achieve a 2.70 or higher CGPA in order to graduate. Students are not permitted to take additional credits beyond the semester in which they have completed their degree requirements in order to improve their CGPA or restart enrollment, nor can they withdraw and re-enroll.

Please be aware that your CGPA can also affect your eligibility for continuing financial aid, including scholarships and loans. Students must maintain satisfactory academic progress (at least 2.70 CGPA) in order to be eligible for continued Federal Stafford Loan and private educational loan funding.

Student Statement

The Student Statement is voluntary, though it is strongly encouraged as it offers the sole opportunity for student input into PDC decisions. The statement is self-reflective and provides the student’s explanation for their poor academic performance. The statement is to be sent to and is due within five calendar days of notice of poor performance. The statement is the student’s individual work product and must be prepared accordingly.

Grades and Course Credits

OMBA-Specific Course & Grade Policies

No-Show Policy

Students are expected to actively participate in the learning journey by maintaining regular interaction within the Blackboard Learning Management System and submitting assignments on time.

Building a reputation of respect and professionalism is critical for success in the world of business. When working for a company, if you commit to attending an appointment or an event, it is expected that you honor that commitment. Your time at Questrom is no different. The OMBA program fosters a professional culture by imposing adherence to our no-show policy on a three-strikes basis.

Students should provide notice of cancellation prior to the start of a Learning Facilitator or Student Success Specialist appointment by canceling the appointment in OMBA Link or emailing or Failing to provide notice or arriving later than 15 minutes will be counted as a no-show. No-shows are tracked for each student.

Grade Grievances

Students in the OMBA program will follow the Policy on Grade Grievances for Graduate Students in Boston University Questrom School of Business. Given the structure of the OMBA program, in these cases, the student is first encouraged to resolve any grievances informally by engaging the learning facilitator, and then the lead faculty member of the module, if needed. If the student, learning facilitator, and faculty are unable to arrive at a mutually agreeable solution, the student can begin a formal appeal with the academic faculty director of OMBA program, as outlined in Questrom’s graduate policy.

Incomplete: “I”

A grade of incomplete “I” in any module is not considered a passing grade and students may not enroll in any subsequent modules until the incomplete is resolved. Incompletes not resolved within one academic semester will be converted to an F per Questrom’s graduate policy on incompletes.

Retaking Courses

OMBA students who do not receive a passing grade in a module must repeat the module and continue to meet the published prerequisites of each module in order to register. Passing grades in the OMBA program are C– or better.