University Policy

Metropolitan College Policy

All students are expected to register during the normal registration period each semester. Exact dates, methods, times, and locations of registration are available on the MET website. All students registering for standard courses must be registered before the end of the second week of classes each semester. Students in special programs that commence later in a semester should consult with program administrators for registration information. Students who are applying for loans or who are recipients of financial assistance will have their applications or awards terminated if they are not registered by the official registration deadline.

Metropolitan College students who wish to register in other schools and colleges of the University must pay the base per-credit rates of those schools and colleges unless otherwise noted in the class schedule. Students may not take more than one non-Metropolitan College course in a semester. Students must register for a majority of their semester course load at Metropolitan College. However, under extraordinary circumstances, students may petition for an exception to this rule through Metropolitan College Enrollment & Student Success or the student’s graduate department. Undergraduate students taking more than three courses (12.5 to 18 credits) will be assessed the University’s full-time tuition rate. Graduate students taking three or more courses (12 to 18 credits) will be assessed the University’s full-time tuition rate. Nondegree students enrolled in classes earning 12 credits that semester will be assessed full-time tuition rates if one or more courses are numbered 600 or higher. Full-time degree candidates from other Boston University schools who have permission from their academic counselors to take Metropolitan College classes still pay full-time tuition.