Adding or Dropping a Course

University Policy

Metropolitan College Policy

Courses with standard dates may be dropped up to the deadline posted on the Office of the University Registrar’s website, typically mid-semester. The deadlines for courses with standard dates can be found at The deadlines for online classes with non-standard dates can be found at

A course with standard dates dropped before the deadline for dropping without a W (Withdrew) will not appear on the student’s permanent record. After this deadline, a dropped course will appear on the student’s record as a W (Withdrew). Students should refer to the refund schedule on the Office of the University Registrar’s website to verify what portion of the course payment they are responsible for if they drop the course once the semester begins.

Students who drop all their courses must fill out a Withdrawal/Leave of Absence Form and deliver or fax the form to the Office of the Dean for Metropolitan College at 755 Commonwealth Avenue, Room 103; fax 617-353-6066.

Withdrawal from Courses and Refund Policy

Part-time students who reduce their course load (but remain registered) for the fall or spring semester will have their accounts adjusted to reflect the difference between the original and reassessed tuition charges, subject to published refund policies. Students who choose to withdraw from all courses, or reduce their semester registration by dropping some courses, should consult the Metropolitan College website or the semester course schedule for deadlines and policies regarding tuition refunds.

Metropolitan College students who withdraw must file an official Withdrawal/Leave of Absence Form at the Office of the Dean of Metropolitan College, 755 Commonwealth Avenue. Mere absence from classes does not reduce a student’s financial obligation nor guarantee that a final grade will not be recorded. Upon receipt of the official Withdrawal/Leave of Absence Form from the Metropolitan College dean’s office, the Office of the University Registrar will adjust the student’s account. A table listing withdrawal deadline dates and percentage of refund allowed is published on the Metropolitan College website and in the course schedule for the semester in question. A credit balance (overpayment) from a withdrawal, cash payment, and/or adjustment may be refunded electronically using the Student Link. Refund requests may also be made in writing or by personal visit to: Student Accounting Services, 881 Commonwealth Avenue, Fourth Floor, Boston, MA 02215-1390.