Tuition and Fees, 2017–2018

Metropolitan College Policy

Tuition and fees must be paid in full unless you choose to enroll in a payment plan (see section below on payment plans). No student may withdraw in good standing unless all current obligations to the University are paid. The Trustees of the University reserve the right to change tuition rates or fees at their discretion.

Online courses: For more information on tuition and fees for online courses, please visit the Digital Learning website.

Late payment: Payment received after the official deadline will result in a minimum late payment fee of $200 for part-time students; $300 for full-time students; and $75 per session for online students.

Part-Time Tuition:

Undergraduate (1–12 credits)

Graduate (1–11.5 credits)

Courses Numbered 100–599, online or on campus

Tuition, unless otherwise noted, per credit: $450

Courses Numbered 600 and Above, online or on campus

Tuition, unless otherwise noted, per credit: $860

Tuition for non-Metropolitan College day courses per credit: $1,593

Technology fee (online courses only), per credit: $60

Student Services fee: $60

Late payment fee (minimum): $200; $75 per session for online courses

Laboratory Courses Students may be charged a higher rate for courses designated as laboratory courses. These allow access to, and use of, course-related equipment, University facilities, and supplies. The laboratory fee for non-computer science courses is $200 per course for the 2017/2018 year. Online courses have a technology fee of $60 per credit.

Cross-Registration Metropolitan College students who wish to cross-register in other schools and colleges of the University must pay the base rate of $1,593 per credit unless otherwise noted in the class schedule. Students may not take more than one non-Metropolitan College course in a semester. Students must register for a majority of their semester course load at Metropolitan College. However, under extraordinary circumstances students may petition for an exception to this rule through Metropolitan College Undergraduate Student Services. Undergraduate students taking more than three courses (12.5 to 18 credits) will be assessed the University’s full-time tuition rate. Graduate students taking three or more courses (12 to 18 credits) will be assessed the University’s full-time tuition rate. Non-degree students enrolled in classes earning 12 credits that semester will be assessed full-time tuition rates if one or more courses are numbered 600 or higher. Full-time degree candidates from other Boston University schools that have permission from their academic counselors to take Metropolitan College classes still pay full‑time tuition.

Housing Part-time students normally are not eligible for University housing. However, a variety of on-campus apartments are available for both full- and part-time graduate students. For information about availability of housing and eligibility requirements, contact either the Housing Office at 617-353-3511 or the Rental Property Management Office at 617-353-4101.

Full-Time Tuition:

Undergraduate (12.5–18 credits)

Graduate (12–18 credits)

Tuition per year: $50,980

Additional charge of $1,593 per credit in excess of 18 credits

Undergraduate Community Service fee per semester: $56

Undergraduate Student Services fees per semester: $289

Graduate Student Services fee per semester: $162

Health & Wellness fee per semester: $206

Late payment fee (minimum): $300

Note: Students who wish to enroll in three or more courses or who wish to enroll in any day-school course must consult a Metropolitan College academic counselor. Students who wish to take three or more courses per semester must have their Registration Forms signed by a Metropolitan College academic counselor, faculty advisor, or the associate dean for academic affairs. Metropolitan College students wishing to take other Boston University courses should refer to the Bulletins of the respective schools and colleges for course descriptions and tuition rates.

Graduate Students (any student registering for a 600-level course and above will be considered a graduate student) Graduate degree candidates and non-degree students enrolling in graduate-level courses who register for 12 or more credits will be charged the University’s full-time tuition and a $162 Student Services fee, plus a $206 Health & Wellness fee per semester (for Charles River Campus students only).

Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP)

The 2017/2018 cost of SHIP for full-time and three-quarter-time students (US citizens and international) is: Boston University Student BASIC Plan: $2,045; or Boston University Student PLUS Plan: $2,813 per year.

Eligible dependents may be added to a Student PLUS Plan for an additional premium per covered individual.* Massachusetts law requires all students enrolled in at least 75 percent of the full-time curriculum to participate in their school’s SHIP, or in a health benefit plan with comparable coverage. Please visit for information about SHIP, including instructions for waiving the insurance charge if you are covered by an alternate health insurance plan that provides comparable coverage.

Other part-time students enrolled in less than 75 percent of the full-time course load are also eligible to purchase the medical insurance. For information, email Student Accounting Services at

The insurance premium is subject to change.

*Dependent coverage is limited to enrollment in the PLUS plan only.

Payment Plan

Metropolitan College students who wish to make monthly payments may do so through a payment plan. Please refer to the Metropolitan College Course Schedule or visit for further information. A nonrefundable enrollment fee and a minimum down payment may be required at the time of enrollment.