Directed Study

Directed Study is a College of General Studies course in which students pursue independent research for academic credit under the guidance of a faculty member. Students who undertake a Directed Study usually do so to explore in more depth areas covered broadly in courses, or to explore topics not ordinarily covered in the curriculum. In most cases, students initiate the Directed Study, i.e., they have an idea for a course of study and they approach a CGS faculty member to work with them for Directed Study credit. In other cases, however, students may also request Directed Study credit for working with a professor through the College’s Center for Interdisciplinary Teaching and Learning as well as the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP), which is a University-wide academic program that promotes Boston University undergraduates’ participation in faculty-mentored research projects across all disciplines. Visit CGSNOW for more details on directed study opportunities.

  • Applications for Directed Study are available online and in the Student Services office, CGS Room 211.