Minor in Computer Science

Computers and computation play an important role in many areas of intellectual inquiry, as well as in society generally; a minor in Computer Science can enhance the value of a wide variety of majors.

All student minors develop their programs in consultation with an advisor.


A minor in Computer Science requires completion, with a grade of C or higher, of six 4-credit courses, with at least four from within the Department of Computer Science, chosen as follows:

  • Two courses – CAS CS 111 and 112
  • One course – CAS CS 131 or 132 or 235 or 237
  • Two courses – from CAS CS 210 or any CAS CS course numbered 300 or higher
  • One course – any course within the Department of Computer Science

Substitution of courses from outside the Department of Computer Science must be petitioned and is decided on a case-by-case basis by the Director of Undergraduate Studies or the Undergraduate Program Director in the Department of Computer Science.

More detailed information is available on the departmental website.