BA in Classical Civilization

The Classical Civilization major gives students a broad understanding of what was done, written, said, and thought in the ancient Mediterranean world. Through the study of the founding cultures of the Western world, students explore issues of enduring importance in ethics, politics, art, literature, and history; they consider how later ages interpreted and utilized the classical tradition; and they reflect on the continuing relevance of past to present. Introductory courses in ancient civilization and history provide a foundation for more advanced courses responding to students’ particular interests, such as in literature, religion, myth, history, gender, or language. This major provides an excellent foundation for students interested in archaeology, mythology and religion, philosophy, history, and a wide range of other humanistic disciplines, as well as providing a solid foundation for law school or medical school.


A major in classical civilization requires a minimum of ten 4-credit courses*. The requirements are as follows:

  • CAS CL 101 The World of Greece or CL 321 Greek History (formerly CL 221)
  • CAS CL 102 The World of Rome or CL 322 Roman History (formerly CL 222)
  • five courses in classical civilization and/or classical languages
  • two courses focusing on classical literature (either in translation or in the original language)
  • one additional classical studies course, at the 400 level or higher, in either a classical language or a topic in classical civilization or history

With permission of the faculty advisor, up to two related courses from other departments may be counted toward this major. Refer to the list of Related Courses recommended by the department.


*Required courses are divided into four categories: classical civilization, Ancient Greek, Modern Greek, and Latin. Refer to the Classical Studies programs section of this Bulletin for the full list of courses and their categories that may be used to fulfill the requirements stated above and for information on the CAS foreign language requirement for classics majors and minors.