The BU Google Apps account is a Boston University-authorized account hosted through G Suite for Education. Many, although not all, services provided through commercially-available Google are also available through BU Google Apps.

Those with a BU Google Apps account can access mail sent to through BU Google Mail. In addition, the BU Google Apps account provides access to Calendar, Drive, Sites, a variety of Gadgets and everything you see by clicking on “more” when you are logged in to BU Google Apps.

Your access to BU Google Apps is secured by Web Login. You should only access BU Google Apps at or through Products that are not available through the BU Google Apps suite will need to be accessed with a commercial Google account, NOT with your BU login name and Kerberos password.

No. These two accounts are completely separate. You are also free to forward from BU Google Apps to Gmail, or from Gmail to BU Google Apps, or to keep them as entirely separate accounts. Since both are IMAP compliant, another way to work with them simultaneously is through a desktop client that is configured to access both.

Your email address will be where login is your BU login name.

Yes. In addition to web-based access to your BU Google Mail, you can configure other mail clients to access your mail via IMAP.

Yes, although there is no automated process that makes this quick and easy. Please see the page on Moving Stored Messages for more information.

You will have at least 25 GB on BU Google Apps.

Yes. All new Student Organization (SAO) accounts will be created on BU Google Apps by default. Follow the process outlined at to create a new account.

Existing Student Organization (SAO) accounts should be transitioned to BU Google Mail. The person listed as the account owner should write to the IT Help Center for assistance:

Google only guarantees functionality for “the current and prior major release of Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari.” For more details, please review the full Google announcement.

Yes. BU Google Apps can never be used to send protected health information or transmit controlled information outside the University. Please review the BU Google Apps Acceptable Use and Data Security policy and all other Policies.

You can submit a Help request or contact the IT Help Center directly at 617-353-HELP (4357). Particularly with issues related to your account and email setup, the IT Help Center will be your primary point of contact. Once your access to BU Google Apps and BU Google Mail is working, information that relates to the use of specific Google Apps products is more directly available through the Google Help Centers at and the G Suite Learning Center.

The Terms of Service is a standard message from Google, letting you know that your BU Google Apps account differs from a personal Gmail account in that you are subject to the terms and conditions affiliated with Boston University’s Computing Ethics and other Policies. These terms and conditions are the same as those you were subject to when using any other account hosted on a BU server.

Boston University graduates and faculty/staff retirees will have ongoing access to for the use of email. For more information, please see the Account Expiration page.