Students on a Leave of Absence

BU Google Apps accounts will remain active during an official leave of absence.

Withdrawing Degree Students

Students withdrawing from a degree program will retain their BU Google Apps account for three years after their withdrawal.

Unregistered Students

Students who have Unregistered status will retain their BU Google Apps account for three years after their last registration.

Non-Degree Students

BU Google Apps accounts are offered to non-degree students while they are registered for courses and expire two weeks after a student ceases to be registered for courses.

Please refer to the Exchange Account Expiration page for detailed information on faculty and staff account expiration.

Beginning with the class of 2010, all Boston University alumni will have the option to retain their email address.

  • Alumni beginning with the class of 2012 will automatically have on-going access to their account hosted on BU Google Apps after graduation. As needed, you can configure forwarding within BU Google Apps to an external email account. Alternatively, you can use the Email Forwarding System to set up as an address that forwards to an external email account.
  • Alumni from the classes of 2010 and 2011 should submit a help request to the Service Desk for assistance.

Generally, Guest accounts will expire after one year unless renewed or otherwise specified.

Student organization accounts expire at the end of May. In September, the president of the student organization can reactivate the account by providing the IT Help Center with an updated letter from the SAO, and a new list of students who will be using the account.

It is the responsibility of the president of the student organization to notify the IT Help Center of additional members using the account. The president should change the password to the computer account anytime a member who has access to the account leaves the organization.