Microsoft Office OneNote allows you take and organize notes, include images and Web citations, record audio, share your notes with others, and generally keep information from the many parts of your life organized within one simple application.

OneNote requires Microsoft Windows; it does not run on the Mac.

Disambiguation: were you looking for information on the similarly-named EndNote, the bibliography management software for Mac and Windows? We have that, too.

Where do I get it?

OneNote is not included in copies of Microsoft Office that you buy or that come pre-installed on your computer. But it is easy to get.

You can buy OneNote for an educational price or try a free 60-day download.

How do I learn more?

Microsoft has an excellent OneNote site which includes:

We also have a IT Help Center handout and exercise files that can help you to learn OneNote.

Technical support

  • For answers to general OneNote questions, please visit the Microsoft OneNote site.
  • If you have any questions specifically about the IT Help Center handout or the IT Help Center exercise files, you may email the IT Help Center for help.