Quick Start

Available to: Faculty, Researchers, Staff, Departments

Cost: Generally there is no charge for this service. Special requirements may necessitate a charge.

IS&T offers a network-based file backup and restore service for departmental servers and workstations.


Taking advantage of IS&T’s central file backup service alleviates the need for departments to purchase, maintain, and operate expensive backup equipment. Departmental system administrators don’t need to manage their own tape libraries and off-site storage solutions.

Key Features

  • We use the campus network to back up files, overnight, from your departmental servers and workstations to central facilities.
  • We manage both on-site and off-site archives.
  • Files that have been lost or become corrupted can be restored.


  • UNIX based systems must participate in the University’s GUID system.
  • Windows based systems must be part of the University’s Active Directory.
  • Temporary access to an administrative account is necessary for installation of the backup software.

Getting Started

Clients interested in learning more about IS&T’s backup service should consult the service FAQ. Use the online forms to request or modify backup service, and to request file restoration.