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Available to: Faculty, Researchers, Staff, Departments

IS&T provides a secure backup and restore service for servers and storage systems.  This service stores backups in our primary on-campus data center and (optionally) clones a copy off-campus to Amazon Web Services (AWS) for disaster recovery, compliance or long term retention requirements. 

The purpose of this service is to create a copy of your current and active data for operational recoveries in the event that your data is lost or corrupted. Backup is used to restore your operational data to a previous point in time.   

Data which needs to be kept for a long period of time but is not necessarily important for operational activities is archive data. For example, data which must be retained for regulatory compliance may be archived but would not necessarily be suitable for backup.  For this type of data, we recommend the Data Archiving Service.   



Leveraging IS&T’s backup service alleviates the need for departments to purchase, maintain, and operate independent backup environments Backups are deduplicated and compressed for storage efficiency and encrypted if replicated off-campus. 

If desired, departments can administer their own backup schedules and retention through this central backup solution to achieve economies of scale and have access to the broad array of IS&T support resources. 

Key Features

  • Ability to restore files that have been lost or become corrupted. 
  • On-Campus Backup  
    • Backups are stored on-campus and retained for 30 days. 
    • Each department receives a 10TB, no charge, allocation for on-campus backups.  For clients with larger backup requirements, charges may apply.  In those cases IS&T will work with you to review your needs to help ensure the most cost effective solution is leveraged to backup/protect your data. 
  • Off-Campus Backup (Optional – Fee based) 
    • Clients may require an off-campus copy of their backup to satisfy legal/grant compliance or disaster recovery requirements.  
    • Clients are responsible to determine if they need a second copy of a backup and how long to retain it.   
    • Off-campus backups are stored in the cloud using Amazon Web Services (AWS) Simple Storage Service (S3). 
    • Clients will be charged for actual cloud space usage less an IS&T 5TB base allocation.  
    • Clients choosing this option will need their own AWS account to simplify billing.  IS&T will assist with setting up the AWS account.   
  • Multi-Tenant Option 
    • If desired, Clients can administer their own backup schedule and retention.   IS&T will provide initial setup and training as well as ongoing support for clients electing this option. 
    • Reporting is scheduled and delivered electronically. 

What to Expect

New Backup and Restore requests are typically fulfilled within two business days.  


Temporary access to an administrative account may be necessary for the initial installation of the backup client software. 

UNIX based systems must participate in the University’s Global UID System.  

Windows based systems must be part of the University’s Active Directory Service. 


There is no charge for on-campus backup within base allocation described in Key Features  

If an off-campus backup is required, clients are billed at the actual AWS S3 cost less a 5TB IS&T base allocation. The AWS cost varies slightly on a monthly basis. As February 2018, the cost is $0.023 per Gigabyte per month.  Please contact us for the current cost basis. 

Getting Started

Clients interested in learning more about IS&T’s backup service should consult the service FAQ. Use the online forms to request or modify backup service, and to request file restoration.