Downloadable Forms

This site hosts the majority of the forms used at the School of Education. Forms are also located outside of room SED 115 for your convenience.

Students should drop off completed forms to the Records Office, located in SED room 115. Students may also mail forms to:

Student Records, 2 Silber Way  Boston, MA 02215, or email

Some of these form are fillable .pdf files and should be downloaded, filled out and returned to the Records office for processing. Please make sure to attach a Degree Advice report or Unofficial transcript with your form(s).

All of the School of Education Policies and Procedures can be found here in the School of Education Bulletin.

All Boston University policies can be found here, and the Academic Conduct Code can be found here

Please click here for the Boston University policy on Registration.

For tuition and fee information, please click here

For Student Account information and late fee schedule, please click here

Registration form

Before registering, students should meet with their faculty advisors for information on the specific program requirements and advising codes. Continuing students are required to use WebReg to register for their semester classes. New students are ineligible to use WebReg and should register using a paper form at the School of Education Office of Student Records. This form is also used to change a graded class to an audited class, and to register for a course requiring a signature from an instructor.

Summer I Registration Form

Summer II Registration Form

Cross Registration Information for Graduate students regarding Cross Registration can be found here.

Add/Drop Form Classes may be added on a space available basis for approximately two weeks after the start of the semester. Please visit the registrar’s page for detailed semester dates, as these dates affect your refund. The add/drop and withdrawal policies can be found here.

Online/Boston Campus Course Application Form

Students admitted to an SED Boston campus program are permitted to take up to 8 credits of SED coursework online.  Similarly, students admitted into an online program are permitted to take up to 8 credits of SED coursework on the Boston campus. Please complete this form should you like to enroll in coursework offered in the alternate format.

Directed/Independent Study/Research ApprenticeshipPlease use this form to register for a Directed, Independent study or Research Apprenticeship, an instructor’s signature is required.

Humphrey Fellows Advising Form This form is to be used for Humphrey Fellows for advising and registration, advisor and student signatures are required.

Intra-University Transfer Guidelines

The Change of Program form corrects majors and/or changes programs. This form is located outside of SED115.

The Certified Full-time with Part-time enrollment form is located outside SED115.

Change Academic Advisor This form is used to change your advisor, your new advisor will need to sign this form. Please return to the Records office for processing.

Petition to Change Class Year (Undergraduate) If an Undergraduate student has enough credits to change class year, please fill out this form and the Records office will change your class year and graduation date.

Petition to Change Grad Date (Graduate)for Graduate students who will need to change the graduation date listed on the student link.

Application for a Minor This form is used for Undergraduate students to declare a minor either in SED or across campus. Students will need approval from the minor department and academic advisor.

Incomplete Grade Contract This contract should be filled out by both student and instructor to dictate the completion deadline and circumstances of an Incomplete grade. Both student and instructor will need to sign this form and the signed form should be returned to the Records office, SED115 for processing. Incomplete grades should not be awarded without this contract.

Petition for Licensure Only This form is for CAS students who are looking to be Licensed in their academic area.

Petition for Non-licensure This form is for students in a Licensure program that would like to petition to graduate without being endorsed for Licensure.

Transfer External Credits (Graduate) Transfer External Credits (Undergraduate) Submit this form to School of Education Records office, SED115 with an official transcript from external school and syllabus. It is recommended to get external credits pre-approved before taking course. As of Fall 2011, online courses will not be accepted for transfer credit, with the exception of education (SED) course equivalent, up to 2 courses. Graduate students are limited to 8 credits, or 2 courses of external transfer credits, Doctoral students are limited to 16 credits of transferred credits, and Undergraduates are limited to 60 (from a 2 year school) and 80 (from a 4 year school).

Transfer Credits Within BU Courses taken before official acceptance into a SED program can be counted towards your degree (up to 8 credits) , with advisor’s permission. An annotation will be placed on your transcript to notate that the previous coursework is being applied to your SED degree.

Transfer Credits from Study Abroad Programs If you are considering studying abroad, please check out the Study Abroad website for more information on programs and how credits transfer to BU.

Policy Waiver Request Form Used to petition for exceptions to School of Education policy.

Course Substitution Waiver Degree Advice Request Form Used to petition for exceptions to School of Education academic requirement(s).

Petition for Reinstatement Students who have not taken courses at BU for several semesters and/or have not taken a formal Leave of Absence, need to petition for reinstatement. Please fill out this form and return to the Records office to obtain signatures at least 2 months prior to intended registration semester. The deadlines for application for Reinstatement are as follows: March 1 for September or summer start, November 1 for January start. Applications submitted after theses dates will be considered on a case-by-case basis and we do not guarantee reinstatement for the following registration period.

Petition for Extension of Time (Ed.D students) For Ed.D students who need to extend time beyond the program’s allotted 7 years.

Document Request Form Any student requesting information from their student file must fill out a request form with a signature. No information will be released without student signature.

Withdrawal Form & Leave of Absence Form Use these forms if you intend to take a leave of absence (up to 4 semesters) or withdraw from Boston University. Graduate students, please return the appropriate form to SED115; Undergraduates return the appropriate form to the University Student Center, 881 Commonwealth Ave. for immediate processing. Please visit the registrar’s page for detailed semester dates, as these dates affect your refund. The add/drop and withdrawal policies can be found here. Students cannot drop to zero credits online; in order to drop to zero credits, students must fill out a Withdrawal or Leave of Absence form and submit to the Records office.

These forms are for Doctoral students as they prepare the final phases of comp exams, proposals and doctoral hearings.

Doctoral Hearing Announcement

Moderator’s Report

CAGS and Doctoral requirements form

Counseling Psychology and Applied Human Development

Language and Literacy

Exit survey for Doctoral Candidates:

Please contact Rashita Clark 617-358-3586, for Comprehensive tasks and Doctoral paperwork processing.

Tuition Refund form Use this form to request a tuition refund. Please read instructions carefully and attach any necessary information to the request form. This form needs to be submitted to Jessica (Griffin) Rouser in SED Room 124 for processing.


Request for Transcripts Information Transcripts cost $6.00 per copy and will not be released without payment. Transcripts will also not be released if you have not fulfilled your financial obligation to the University. Please note that current semester grades are not posted to transcript until one week after final exams. Please send this form to the Registrar’s office for processing, 881 Commonwealth Ave. Boston MA 02215.

Graduation Forms from the Office of Student Records at SED

Graduation Application All students intending to graduate must fill out this form no later that 3 months before their anticipated graduation date. Please submit a degree advice report with your completed graduation application. Undergraduates must also submit a Senior Year Plan with their application for graduation by April 1st of their Junior year.

Deadlines for applications are as follows:

April 1st the year before graduation date (Undergraduate Juniors), February 1st (Graduate Students) for May Graduation

June 1st for September Graduation

November 1st for January Graduation

You must turn in the application with an unofficial transcript to the Records office, SED115 in order to graduate. Undergraduates must submit a Degree Advice Report and Senior Year Plan with your Graduation Application.

Undergraduate Dual Degree students need to apply to both schools in order to graduate. Please check with other school on their graduation application deadlines, as they may differ from the School of Education deadline.

Students graduating in September 2017  (except Ed.D students) may petition to walk in the May 2017 ceremony. September 2016 graduates will automatically be eligible to walk in the May 2017 ceremony, but if you wish to walk early, you may petition to do so (except Ed.D). Please be aware if you walk in the May ceremony, you will not receive your diploma at that time.


Many of these files can be opened in the free, downloadable software Acrobat Reader.