What We Do


We provide rapid, confidential, compassionate, and free-of-charge advocacy and assistance to BU students who have experienced a traumatic incident. Our particular focus is sexual trauma and rape. We also assist survivors of physical assault, interpersonal violence, and other crimes. You should not have to go through a difficult time by yourself. Some of the ways we help students are:

  • Crisis response: we are on call 24/7/365 at 617-353-SARP (7277)
  • Helping students understand options that may exist and possible consequences of choices
  • Helping students receive appropriate medical care, both immediate and longer term as necessary
  • Maintaining students’ confidentiality
  • Offer individual counseling, as well as group sessions
  • Providing counseling and/or referrals to community resources as appropriate
  • Helping with resources for academic and personal support
  • Providing support for friends, family, and others affected by violence or trauma
  • Scheduling appointments for issues that are urgent but not emergencies
  • Assistance to survivors of other violent crimes and traumatic incidents

The Crisis Intervention Counselors can help on many levels—practical and emotional. We can give you helpful, accurate information and support so you can make informed decisions. We work collaboratively with all departments and schools across all BU campuses. We can help you access and understand the Boston University Police Department’s or another law enforcement organization’s investigative processes, BU’s judicial process, and the Commonwealth’s legal process, as well as how to access medical attention. We can advocate for you academically or with your employer or internship, and ensure that you feel safe in your housing situation and in your classes. We offer information and nonjudgmental support. We can provide a single consultation session or long- and short-term therapy.